David Beckham posted an image to Facebook. Then there was outrage.

This photo that David Beckham shared is beyond crazy.

David Beckham, 39, posted an image to Facebook and it has ignite total uproar.

The photo was of a woman attempting to take a picture of him on a scooter, with her toddler perched between her legs.

He captioned the shot with, “I’m all for fans taking a picture but not sure this is the safest way to do it!”.

It now has 18,000 comments, many of whom are Vietnamese people outraged at the woman and her actions.

Can you believe this...

Facebook user Van Dang Yeu wrote: "This is an ugly face of Vietnam."

Commentator Minh Anh added, "A baby in her lap? That's crazy."

We couldn't agree more.

The woman could face a fine of as little as $16 AUS for riding a scooter without her helmet and holding a mobile phone whilst operating a moving vehicle.

With poor law enforcement and congested roads, traffic safety is definitely a continuing problem in Vietnam.

About 14,000 people lose their lives each year in the country as a result of road crashes.

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