David Attenborough narrates Adele's new video. Gold.

Hello Adele. It’s David Attenborough here. I was wondering if after all these years you’d like me to narrate your music video like it’s a nature documentary?

This week Sir David Attenborough, 89-year-old living legend who has narrated and produced more nature documentaries than there are Galapagos Tortoises, took the challenge handed down to him by Radio 1 in Britain and read a script to intro Adele’s music video. He even says #flipphone.

Watch the video below. Post continues after video.

“Will Adele be cross with me?” he asked politely before getting to business.

Full Transcript.

"The year is 2015. The world appears to have a green tint to it, but there are also some dead insects in the foreground, but don’t worry about that for now.

"Look, as the world’s most famous pop star zooms down a dirt track in an old Mini, money certainly hasn’t changed her.

"Backing against strong winds and the weight of expectation, she’s convinced that now is the time to strike, she, like all pop stars, needs to hunt to survive. But there’s a problem, the signal is poor and she hasn’t upgraded her handset since 1999. Hashtag flip phone.

"She goes inside to seek shelter from the elements and to find a land line. Her surroundings are unfamiliar and unwelcoming but this is no match for such a cool customer, so she decides to tidy up a bit. Oh, dusty, isn’t it.

"We are about to witness one of the great phenomena of the natural world, it’s important for such a delicate and finely tuned animal that the lighting and setting is just right. And now it is. The lesser spotted Adele is about to be everywhere again. Hello!"