After a phone call with his wife on Sunday, Dave Hughes says his Easter "was a bit sad".

So, Dave Hughes was a lil’ bit peeved at his wife on Easter Sunday. And it’s all got to do with some chocolate-y eggs… or lack thereof.

You see, on Tuesday morning he was a guest on the Em, Grant and Ed show on Today FM. When the hosts asked Hughesy how his Easter was, the comedian had a bit of a funny tale to tell.

“Easter was a bit sad guys because my family went away and left me at home,” he explained.

Hughesy then said he woke up on Easter morning thinking his wife, Holly, would have left him an Easter egg.

“Like at least one egg somewhere, and I had to ring her and say ‘Is there any eggs for me?’ and she said ‘There’s no eggs for you’.”

That’s when Hughesy had the realisation he was going to have an egg-less Easter.

“And I went down to Coles and Woolies because I had to try both supermarkets on Easter Sunday, they completely clear out their Easter eggs before Easter Sunday,” he explained.

“I kid you not, there was not one Easter egg in Coles and Woolies.”

Grant then quipped there have been Easter eggs and hot cross buns in the supermarkets since January.

“I got an Australian Open Easter egg,” Grant laughed.

“Yeah but come Easter Sunday, it’s gone,” Hughesy replied.

“I had to buy a Flake.

Dave Hughes likes himself better sober. Post continues. 

“I bought a Flake. I ate my Flake on Easter morning on my own and I just had to imagine it was an Easter egg.”

“You know what you are?” Ed Kavalee then asked.

“You’ve suffered like Jesus, you are the modern Jesus.”

“He had a better Easter Sunday than I did,” Hughesy replied.

Well we wouldn’t go that far, Ed, but everyone deserves a lil’ bit of chocolate on Easter Sunday.

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