Why Dave Hughes really left The Project.

When he was 22, Dave Hughes decided that he liked himself better sober.

And he hasn’t looked back since.

The former The Project co-host and all ’round genuinely funny guy, believes that some people are meant to drink, and others just aren’t.

“I’ve never been to AA, I’ve never been a sponsor for anyone. But I tell anyone life can be just as good.” He told Mia Freedman on the latest episode of the No Filter podcast.

“Some people have it in their DNA that they just shouldn’t drink.”

Hughsie moved to Perth soon after he quit drinking to try his hand at stand-up comedy.

“I thought I had talent,” he said. But on his first night doing it, nobody laughed.

So he went back the second night, and things got better.

In 2013, after five years of co-hosting The Project, he decided it was time to move on.

At the time, he stated that he wanted to focus on his stand-up. Which he did. But he revealed to Mia that that wasn't the real reason for leaving.

It was the news cycle.

“The news cycle rarely changes. Nothing changes in so long. To sit there and talk about the same things every night, it was too much.”

“I felt ill for almost 5 years, because I did not get enough sleep.”

“I quit radio at the same time. I was sick of doing breakfast radio. And I was sick of doing TV every night. And I just wanted to do stand-up comedy.”

Hughes farewelled The Project in December, 2013.

"It's definitely a tough decision, as we have had so many unbelievable moments on the desk. You meet some of the biggest stars in the world and chat with them and have some wonderful times" he said at the time.

Hughesy at this years Logies.

But like most things in his life, he hasn't looked back.

He's taken his young family to Europe with him, so he could do stand-up. He's toured the country. Hosted the Logies. Hosted Australia's Got Talent. And is back on the airwaves with his radio partner Kate Langbroek nationally.

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