The 5 best moments from Dave Hughes' Logies speech.

Much-loved TV personality Dave Hughes was the first cab off the rank to present a Logie tonight, and he didn’t hold back with the gags.

From the recent 60 Minutes scandal in Lebanon to Shane Warne, Hughesy left no stone unturned. Twice, he wondered aloud whether he’d “crossed the line”, but he pushed on – and the crowd loved it.

These are the best moments from his speech.

1. Predicting that Carrie Bickmore will be “shaking that babymaker later”.

Hughesy predicted (probably correctly) that Carrie will be getting down on the dance floor at the after party.

Well, she does look fabulous – who can blame her?

Our Podcast Director Monz was on the Logies red carpet … handing out clean undies. You can watch the full video below.

2. Comparing “I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here” to the 60 Minutes Saga in Beirut.

“It didn’t go as well because it didn’t have Warnie!” Hughes joked, before apparently thinking better of the gag.

“Sitting on the table with the Channel Nine execs tonight, so that will be awkward.”

And speaking of Shane Warne…

3. Declaring Shane Warne “single and ready to mingle”.

“He did so well on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here he’s doing his own version after the show in his hotel room! It’s called I’m A Celebrity, Get In Here!

Watch out, ladies of The Logies… (No, seriously. Be alert but not alarmed).

Watch out, Mel McLaughlin! 

4. Lamenting the lack of Manu at The Logies.

We were all thinking it. Now Hughesy's saying it. Colin Fassnidge is a disappointing replacement.

5. Calling Jamie Oliver a "chunky bastard".

"Can you stop telling Australia how to eat healthy, Jamie? How about a few less pies yourself, you chunky bastard?"

6. Pulling out a Rolf Harris joke. (Too soon?)

“This is what happened to me when I was doing Australia’s Got Talent," Hughed explained.

"Like, an eight-year-old lad ran up and goes, ‘Dave Hughes, my sister loves Australia’s Got Talent’. I said ‘Great’. She ran up, a little six-year-old girl and said, ‘Can she get a photo?’ I said, ‘No worries.’ I take a photo with his sister. I said, ‘Do you want one as well?’ He goes, ‘No, I’ll be right.’ Gave me the look like, ‘Back off Rolf Harris.’"

"Anyway, may have crossed another line there.”

What do you think? Did Hughesy nail it or cross the line?

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