Hughesy was worried he didn't tell his dad he loved him enough. Then a nurse sent this text.


In case you needed any more proof that nurses are incredible people, get a load of this story from comedian Dave Hughes.

The 47-year-old was reading aloud a viewer question on Channel 10’s Hughesy, We Have A Problem on Tuesday night when his relationship with his late father Des became the crux of the conversation.

“Me and my father never really said ‘I love you’ to each other and now he’s no longer with us,” the father-of-three told a studio audience and those watching at home.

“I should have told him in the living years.”

Hughes went on to describe his complicated relationship with his father.

“We fought… we hated each other. Well, not hated, but it was real… God, I’m starting to get all tingly now.”

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He went on to joke about his relationship with his mother: “My mum also has problems with saying ‘I love you’. I’ll say it at the end [of a phone call], like, ‘I love you Mum’ sort of, ‘love ya’. [She’ll say it back to me] but yeah… maybe she doesn’t love me?

“It’s really awkward every time.”

After the show finished, Hughes received a message from a stranger on his phone. It was sent by a nurse who cared for his father in the days leading up to his death.

“Hey Dave watching the show,” it began.


“I nursed your dad at Mercy and he loved his family so much. He would often speak of you as kids. You definitely have his humour. A real gentleman who was proud of his kids.”

Since sharing a screenshot of the message to his Instagram last night, more than 6000 people have liked it.

“Nurses are the best,” Hughes wrote in his caption.

They sure are.