Celeste and Schuler have a seriously strange 'how did you guys meet?' story.

A truly interesting answer to the tired old question: “so, how did you guys meet?”

Ask most couples how they got together, and you can expect to sit through a rather bland explanation involving working in the same department at work or matching on Tinder.

Not newlyweds Schuler Benson and Celeste Zendler, though. Their tale of courtship is truly sweet, if a little bizarre.

A strange social media glitch bought these two strangers together. (Photo: Facebook)

The pair met through a bizarre Facebook fluke, when Mr Schuler switched on his smartphone to find that, due to a glitch, it was logged into a complete stranger’s account.

Ms Zendler was that stranger. And although the pair had never even heard over each other, had no mutual friends and lived more than 1,600 kilometres apart, Ms Zendler sent Mr Schuler a friend request to see if it would fix the glitch.

Even once they sorted out the strange mistake, Ms Zendler could never quite bring herself to unfriend him.

“I never did (delete him) because I enjoyed his status updates,” she told “He would post such funny stuff that I liked having him in my feed.

“We commented here and there on each other’s statuses and that is how we got to know one another.”

The pair met six years ago, and now live happily in South Carolina together. (Photo: Facebook)

Then June 11 2014, Mr Schuler logged into his girlfriend’s account for the second time.

But this time, the hack was intentional: He was staging an epic online proposal.

He wrote in his proposal post that, unlike most men, he couldn’t take his lady-love back to a specific physical venue to propose.

So instead, he wrote a long, emotional Facebook post recounting their story and asking her to marry him.

The online proposal. (Photo: Facebook)

“In the fall of 2009, Facebook already had over 175 million users. Rounding down, the odds of us connecting were less than 1 in 175,000,000,” he wrote.

“Statistically speaking, you’re about 300 times more likely to be struck by lightning. You’re more likely to be bitten by a shark … on land. And you’re about as likely to win the Powerball Jackpot … with the exact same numbers as someone else,” he continued.

“You are truly my other hand, and I want us to be with each other, in love, always. Will you marry me?”

Once she’d finished reading it, he presented her with the ring and she said yes.

The pair moved to South Carolina last July, and married there on June 21 this year.

The pair married in June. (Photo: Facebook)

It may be a very new-age courtship tale, but it’s definitely a romantic one.

As Celeste told “We both still have moments where we are like, ‘Is this real life? How did we get so lucky!’”

We feel a Hollywood movie deal coming on…