The 7 worst things that can happen on a first date. And they did.

Everyone has their own personal dating deal breakers.

For you, it might be smoking. Or rudeness. Or a penchant for Justin Bieber.

It’s different for everyone, but when we encounter one, the reaction is always the same: Horror, revulsion, and a desire to get away, immediately.

Because these are not minor annoyances or idiosyncrasies that could become cute later on.

They are not little adorable quirks, like how he makes little squeaking noises when he eats or how he nods in agreement with himself as he speaks.

Oh no. These are warning signs that cannot be ignored.

Just as an FYI, you should know that this post is sponsored by eHarmony. But all opinions expressed by the author are 100% authentic and written in their own words.

I know, as you read this, that memories will be popping into your head and you will experience a feeling of sheer relief that you got the hell out of there, and that you got away. Because…shudder…

Here is a collection of the top dating deal breakers from the Mamamia Women’s Network. You may need a glass of wine for this…

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Deal Breaker #1: The man-child.

• “In the first five minutes he showed me an app on his phone that was 101 fart noises.” – Monique

• “I had a guy say he had no idea who John Lennon was but that he loved Lady Gaga. Other basic deal breakers: No job, no prospects and haven’t ever travelled or has no interest in travelling.” – Lauren

Deal Breaker #2: The crashing bore

• “I went on a date with a guy who just talked AT me about physics the whole time. I don’t mind people sharing their interests, but it wasn’t a two-way conversation by any means. At one point he joked about my eyes glazing over. Then he continued his lecture.” – Kahla

• “Watching golf 24/7. Oh sorry, that’s just my deal breaker with my husband.” – Bern

• “Being on his phone, constantly.” – Jenny

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Deal Breaker #3: The asshat.

• “I’ve never had any bad dating experiences (Writer’s note: I am tempted to throw scrunched up paper at her) but I would never, ever, ever be with anyone who didn’t like animals, was a smoker, or was racist, sexist or homophobic.” – Alexis

• “Hypothetically, if someone was rude to wait staff it’d be game over.” – Kahla

• “Unironic sexist jokes.” – Nicola


• “When they dominate the conversation, and don’t ask any questions about you.” – Stephanie

• “Asking how many people you have slept with.” – Louise

Deal Breaker #4: The stud muffin.

• “Pointing out hot chicks. And giving them actual ratings out of 10. Non. Stop.” – Katie

• “Telling you how many partners they’ve had/how many people they’ve slept with.” – Valentina

Deal Breaker #5: The stinker.

• “I went on a date with someone who was sweating, profusely, for the whole time. Oh, and let’s just say that BO was also an issue. A turn-on it wasn’t.” – Ashley

• “Halitosis.” – Mary

PAUSE FOR DEFINITION: Halitosis (bad breath) is a common condition caused by sulphur-producing bacteria that live within the surface of the tongue and in the throat. Gross.

Deal Breaker #6: The food shamer.

• “One of my good mates was on a date recently, and when the bread basket came out she obviously started helping herself (as any gluten tolerant person would). The guy looked at her and said something like, ‘Should you really be doing that?’ As for me, I could NEVER date someone who quit sugar. Dessert is my lifeblood.” – Kahla

Deal Breaker #7: The Kanye-level narcissist.

• “The guy only spoke about how amazing he was the ENTIRE time. He also told me how he went to Thailand for holiday and could speak fluent Thai and as we were at a Thai restaurant he kept speaking to the waitress in Thai…he clearly had no clue though, because she couldn’t understand him.” – Avi

• “I once went on a date with a guy who was looking in the mirror behind me pretty much the whole time. I didn’t know whether to laugh or throw my wine at him.” – Lisa.

Ouch. After those doozies, the Mamamia team have learned some serious lessons when it comes to dating – specifically, bring breath mints to tactfully offer up to your date if needed, and screen for a dodgy sense of humour at your earliest opportunity (lest you find yourself having to politely chuckle at fart jokes for the entire three-course meal).

The main take-away lesson, though? Don’t put up with dodgy dates. Hold out for a great one – preferably with a guy who has more manners than he does Kanye-style ego.

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Have any of the above ever happened to you? What are your dating deal-breakers?

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