'11 things I've learnt from dating a pornstar.'

Most people’s experience with porn never goes beyond their computer screen, but have you ever wondered what it would actually be like to date a pornstar?

In a recent Reddit ‘Ask Me Anything’, user Richard Reign opened up about his relationship with US pornstar Larkin Love – and no question was off limits. Together for almost six months, here are the 11 things he’s learned about dating a pornstar (and what you’ve always secretly wondered yourself).

1. The idea that pornstars ALL have STI’s is rubbish.

“The biggest fallacy about porn stars is that they are riddled with STI‘s. That’s a total load of crap. I feel safer having sex with a pornstar than I would a ‘civilian'”, he says.

According to Reign, this is because porn stars have to take STI tests every 14-30 days or else they can’t work, which acts as a huge incentive to protect and look after their health. As a result, porn stars actually tend to have a much better understanding of sexual health.

2. No, just because they work in porn doesn’t mean they want to have sex multiple times a day.

“We’ve gone five times a day. Other times once a week. It depends on our work week or just how tired we are… Just like most couples,” says Reign.

3. You’ll still have ‘vanilla’ sex.

Although Reign says the couple’s BDSM sessions are his favourite, ‘normal’ sex is still very enjoyable

“As boring as it may sound, good old fashioned missionary sex [is a favourite of mine]. There is a closeness that just can’t be beat,” he says. (Post continues after gallery.)

4. The sex is always better off screen.

According to Love, sex in porn is meant to entertain the viewer, not the participant.

“The sex LOOKS good, but feels tepid at best. Most of the time, afterwards, I don’t even feel like I had sex; I feel like I worked my ass off at a modelling job. When I’m performing, there’s no room in my head for anything other than making the scene look good. That is the point. We’re there to entertain YOU, not ourselves,” she says.


It’s more work than people think. Our sex life off camera has meaning, love and emotion,” adds Reign.

5. How not to get jealous.

Knowing that your partner’s work requires her to sleep with other people would drive many to insane jealousy, but for Reign it’s not a problem.

“I have met many of the female and male performers that she has worked with. All of them are super sweet. A few of us hang out socially. They are actors, doing a job. They do their thing and go home. I know that this lifestyle doesn’t work for everyone,” he says.

Reign and Love. Image: Twitter.

And he doesn't get weirded out when people tell him they've watched his girlfriend.

"I take it as a compliment... I'm secure in our relationship," he says.

6. But there's a fair bit of crazy sex.

Despite sex being "work", Love's career doesn't affect their sex life any more than any other job.

"The sex is amazing. We both get to dabble in things that our previous partners were not into. We experiment with BDSM, toys of all types, role play, clothing and lingerie, food play, watersports, I could go on and on. The two of us have diverse sexual interests that somehow magically match up. We have so much fun with each other, it's criminal," says Reign.

The pair like to experiment with sex.

7. No, women in the porn industry aren't 'loose'.

Surely this goes without saying - but it was a question that was put to Reign.


"It's a myth that pornstars are more loose than any other sexually active women. I have been with partners that have been only with a couple of partners in their life and were looser than others that have had many lovers. It's a physical trait and everyone is different," he says.

8. It's OK watch porn both with and without her.

And Love doesn't care either way.

"We watch porn together and separately. We both have different kinks that we indulge in," Reign says.  (Post continues after audio.)

9. Yes, they 'clean' after work.

All it takes is a shower. "And maybe some baby wipes," he says.

10. Some moves are strictly for play, not work.

While there are many activities that the couple do behind closed doors that Love also does on screen, there's one thing in particular off limits for anyone but the men she's in a relationship with.

"We don't have any hard rules, but Larkin prefers to only receive creampies [ejaculating inside the vagina] from personal lovers. Not that it's off limits, just a preference," Reign says.

11. It's just like any other relationship.

Although the pair are in a polyamorous relationship, the connection between the two is just like any other couple.

"Dating a porn star is just like dating any other woman. They all want the same things, love, romance, kindness and respect. So many people overlook the fact that they are people and not objects," he says.

Here, here.

What have you always wondered about dating a pornstar?

This post originally appeared on The Glow and was republished here with full permission.