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So what's it really like dating a billionaire?

In case you missed it, Jerry Hall, 59, is getting married to 84-year-old beau Rupert Murdoch.

It’s almost too good to be true: An ex-supermodel and ageing billionaire tying the knot despite the 25-year-chasm between them.

And yes, while love knows no age, and Jerry and Rupert seem absolutely smitten, we can’t help wonder… whether dating a billionaire is really all the fun and games it seems?

Do you dine together off solid gold plates? Bathe in exotic mineral water? Take the private jet to do the weekly grocery shop? Make a mandatory purchase of an entire family of thoroughbred dogs?

A pretty accurate depiction of how I imagine life as a billionaire.

A woman who has dated a senior billionaire in the past (she was 22, he was old enough to be her father) has revealed exactly what life with a super rich partner is like. (Score.)

In a tell-all piece on Thrillist, ‘Sophia’ breaks down the best and very worst aspects of dating far outside your income bracket. Her advice? Err on the side of caution when it comes to entering into a relationship with someone who has the cumulative wealth of a small nation.

Big money = big ego.

According to Sophia, sweet cash money is enough to make even the loveliest of humans a bit of a narcissist. It doesn’t matter if he started from the bottom of the financial chain, if he has a house big enough to have its own postcode, he probably has an ego the same size.

“He was a good person, but so full of himself — going on about his garden parties, invites to celebrity weddings, and a famous ex-girlfriend it was really time to move on from.”

Documentary ‘The Queen of Versailles’ shows money and a giant mansion doesn’t necessarily equate to happiness.

You will always come second to the business.

It’s not a huge surprise that being with a billionaire entails a lot of time talking about business ventures, market shares and interest rates (so freaking exciting). Unfortunately for Sophia, this meant she became more of a therapist and a sex buddy than an equal partner in a loving relationship.

“[He] had a lot of problems his money couldn’t fix and not many people he trusted to talk about them with. All those problems fell on me. And I was better than a therapist, because there was sex involved… this relationship was all about him. I, on the other hand, was fast becoming a shadow of my usual, outgoing self.”


Being filthy rich doesn’t mean they like to splash cash.

It turns out billionaires get to where they are by being, well, fiscally responsible (ugh). So while your lover’s bank account may have as many digits as your phone number, that alone doesn’t guarantee you’ll be living a life of luxury together.

“This guy was extremely stingy. I knew it was over when I saw him reheat half a cup of Starbucks coffee in the microwave and drink it.

“I wasn’t with him for the money, but knowing he had so much and wouldn’t spend it was a serious turn-off. We kissed and held hands in public, but never went to a fancy restaurant.”

WATCH: The Mamamia team reveal the moment they knew it was over with their partners (post continues after video).

If he’s rich and old, he’s rich… and still old.

Money may buy collagen fillers and some fantastic microdermabrasion treatments, but it won’t stop the ageing process all together. If Sophia’s experience is anything to go by, the age gap will become an issue, even if you don’t think so at the very beginning.

“The billionaire had a daughter my age, which I told myself didn’t make a difference. Newsflash: it really did. Being so much older than me, we were in different places in our lives. I wanted to watch live music and sit at cocktail bars. He wanted to fall asleep with a bowl of popcorn and satellite TV.”

Have you dated someone extremely wealthy? What was your experience?

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