Women share the moment their 'normal' date turned weird. Very weird.

Picture this: You’ve been online dating for a while, swiping past the obvious creeps and people who say they’re 28, but are actually 60. Finally you find someone who seems really nice. You chat for a while, have mutual hobbies and decide to go on a date. But then things start to get strange.

It’s the classic story. The “he seemed normal at first, but then things got weird,” story. Perhaps he moved too quickly, was too clingy or was obsessed with his ex and couldn’t stop talking about her.

Whatever the reason, it’s fair to say these guys did not get anymore dates.

Luckily you’re not alone. On a recent Reddit Thread, women discussed their worst dates.

1. He appreciates your hair… a little too much.

Trust me. Its not normal for a guy to be more interested in your hair than you are.

“Right after he picked me up, he ran into Walgreens really quick and asked to put his bag in my purse. Naturally I assumed he bought candy since we were going to the movies.” shared Reddit user @McHammerFace.

“Nope, right after the opening previews started he pulled out a brand new hairbrush, does the fake yawn to put his arm around me while holding the brush and starts brushing my hair. He then leans his head on my shoulder while still brushing my hair and starts smelling my hair.”

At least it was a new hairbrush… right?

2. He’s asking to borrow money after the 2 weeks.

Flimsiness with money is a warning sign, Reddit user @Ridiculous_Diagnosis found out.

“Guy took me out for drinks, seemed great, then asked me to move in two weeks later. Then asked me for money for his phone bill. Then bought me an iPad. And then I realized he was a drug dealer. Oops,” she wrote.  (Watch Mamamia staff reveal their most awkward dating stories. Post continues after video.)

3. Creepy doc. 

OK this one sounds like something from a horror film. Insensitive doctor or psychopath?

"First date with this doctor, worked in emergency. He was really sweet at first. Totally normal conversation. I had just gotten to thinking that it was a shame he was a little dull. And then he had a couple more drinks. And started talking about work. And how excited he gets when people come in with like poles through their brains. And the more blood the better. And his eyes lit up in this really intense way." Emily said.


"While he regaled me with these hideous stories. It was like he didn't even trigger that they were humans that were suffering from these awful injuries and like dying around him. It was beyond creepy. Like bodies in the basement creepy." (Post continues after Gallery) 

4. Model shots.

Jesse learnt the hard way that confidence isn't always the best trait in a partner.

"I'd been seeing a guy for a few weeks, then we're sitting there eating dinner and he whipped out his modelling shots. And they were really really bad. Very embarrassing,"she said.

5. He’s on the sex offenders registry.

Turns out doing a quick Facebook stalk before a date isn't enough anymore. You have to search the sex offenders registry as well!

“I went out on a date with someone. He was cute, seemed fairly normal. We met for coffee, went back to my place - it was a good time. About a week later, a friend of mine in another state posted about how she found a high school classmate of hers on her state's sex offender registry,"  said Reddit user @sisterhavana.

"I decided to see if anyone I knew was on it, so I did a search of my state's registry. Well. Three guesses who I found on it. There was no second date.”

6. Plain old gross. 

Not to mention also unsanitary...

"I once slept with a boy who stuck his gum on my wall. It was gross,"said Alex.

7. Nazi Enthusiast.

This is a massive red flag.

“He seemed like a normal guy, pretty average, pleasant enough. Good conversationalist. We both had an interest in distilling and we swung by his place after dinner to check out his absinthe set up." wrote Reddit [email protected]

As we walked through his trailer to get to the workshop where he made his spirits, I glanced at the pictures on the wall. Every one of them was historical photos of Nazis with himself photoshopped into them. The one I clearly remember was himself pointing out some sort of design element on a model tank or something to Hitler,”she said.

8. Harry Potter hater.

He hates Harry Potter and is also a slob? That was two deal breakers according to Rebecca.

"I was dating a guy for a few months, and thought it was going gangbusters. The first time he met my housemates, he came to my house - which is covered in Harry Potter paraphernalia - and decided to share his opinion on adults who still genuinely like Harry Potter (some pseudo-intellectual rubbish about fake nostalgia and blah blah bleurgh)," shared Rebecca.

"To make it worse, my housemates and I had cooked him dinner, and he didn't even thank us or comment positively on it, and didn't help us clean up! We literally CLEANED AROUND HIM."

So rude.

9. Fifty shades of blue.

This guy was a little bit too involved with the kids show The Smurfs...


“My friend’s sister was in her mid-20's and getting serious with a new guy. He seemed fantastic and she was starting to think he was the one, after a few months. Things started getting serious and he told her there was something important he needed to share. She's thinking he wants to move in or pop the question and getting pretty excited." wrote @horsecalledwar.

Image: iStock

"She goes over to his place on the big night, barely able to contain her excitement at which point he shows her his secret room. It was really a walk-in closet but he had it set up with a huge replica of Smurf village and liked to play there in his free time. Like ALL of his free time, more than hanging out with friends or anything. Acting out story lines with his Smurfs and pretending he was one too. It was a big part of his life and he hoped she was as into it as he was. She was not.” said the Reddit user.

10. Older man.

"So, I go out to dinner with this guy a few times. He was older than me by about 15 years, but I was trying to be open minded. I was like 20, so it was new and exciting to be wined and dined. Anyway... turns out... he liked to have penis bitten. Like, really hard. Like, I was concerned about damage, hard." Tracey shared.


11. Condom Litterer.

This guy takes littering to a whole new level.

"I slept with a different guy who thought my bedside draw was a bin and always put used condoms in it. It wasn't a bin,"said Emma.

Have you had any “he seemed normal at first, but then things got weird” experiences?

Image: Happy Madison Productions, Flower Films. 

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