Those Two Girls: This is what date night for married couples really looks like.

Remember your last night off?

You know, the one where you left your kids at home with their nanny,  hopped into your private helicopter and jetted off to an exclusive restaurant where the meals were crafted from solid gold?


Then you can probably relate to Those Two Girls new mini-series, Real Housewives of Unimportant Secondary Cities.

It’s less Real Housewives of Orange County (boy, do those women have it made) and more “normal people at home on a Saturday night”.

Which makes the cutting observations all the more relevant.

In this instalment, comedy duo Lise and Sarah cover everything from homemade raw chia pudding (“I’d just rather have a Big Mac and a thickshake”) to the struggles of grasping new technology (“I’ve ordered us an Ubber!”).

The best part? This insightful look into date night for married couples: “I think I’m going to shave above the knee, just in case.”

It’s just like our lives.

But funnier.