Former The Voice host Darren McMullen has some harsh words for Sonia Kruger.

Since Sonia Kruger made her now infamous comments on Muslim immigration, her former co-host of The Voice, Darren McMullen, has stayed pretty quiet.

But now, speaking to the Daily Telegraph, McMullen has slammed Kruger’s opinions, calling it “silly decisions”.

The 34-year-old, born in Scotland, pointed out that all white people in Australia have come from immigrant backgrounds.

“Let’s be honest, all us white folk are visitors in (Australia) and came off the boat at some stage for a better life,” McMullen said.

He further paid acknowledgement to Indigenous people who had their land stolen from them.

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“I find it a bit hilarious when people who invaded a country centuries ago and claimed it as their own then start trying to close up the borders and keep everyone out. I’m not a guy who believes in borders, I really don’t.”

McMullen didn’t stop there – continuing his evident outrage at Kruger’s uninformed views.

“As soon as you start segregating people and saying ‘well, you have no right to call this place your home, this is my patch of land because my parents happened to have sex here, and I happened to have been born here, that I have more rights to live in this country than you …’ it’s absolutely absurd, utterly absurd.”

Despite hitting back at his former colleague, McMullen doesn’t seem to be keeping it against her.

In fact, he empathised that like many Australians, Kruger is deeply afraid.

Rather than just criticising them, McMullen urges people to educate others.

“The best thing is to sit down with people with those views and converse and work together to stop this epidemic of psychopaths killing people.”

McMullen is now back in Australia to present the new series, The Big Music Quiz, which competes celebrities against one another.