Why hundreds of people around the world are being sent disturbing items in unmarked boxes.

Hundreds of people, all over the world, have been receiving mysterious, unmarked boxes in the mail.

Inside these mysterious boxes, they’ve found bloody screwdrivers, tattered children’s clothes, and suspicious powders.

The people who have been receiving the packages, have been slowly opening the boxes, carefully removing the contents, and filming the whole process.

They’ve then been uploading the video to YouTube.

A typical “dark web unboxing video” will attract millions of views.

A YouTuber finds demonic drawings in a mystery box…

And weirdly, the people receiving the boxes will pay thousands of dollars worth of bitcoins to have random people on the internet send them unsettling items.

One YouTuber, who goes by the name Mind Seed TV, filmed himself unboxing a creepy-looking package.

He opened the box to discover a tattered girls’ backpack.

“It’s dirty as hell, it’s definitely used. There’s stains and stuff on the bottom of it,” he says in the YouTube clip.

Inside the bag, he found an outfit for a little boy and a bunch of books covered in the drawings of a possessed child.


Joseph Widner, another unboxer, opened a box to discover a screwdriver covered in blood, a lock of hair, and two creepy dolls.

According to Mashable, YouTuber MKP Studios spent $10,000 in bitcoin for a mysterious box that he picked up from an abandoned airport.

YouTuber Jude Somers’ mysterious package contained antibacterial wipes and a note that read, “You might need these”.

In the box he found a teddy bear, an unknown liquid in a small bottle, a tiny screwdriver covered in blood, and a small, flesh-like object.

Jarrett and Sable Holt, a brother-and-sister YouTube duo from Los Angeles, decided to try dark web unboxing after watching some videos on YouTube.

“I always thought it was something that you shouldn’t be doing,” Jarrett told Triple J’s Hack program.

The siblings sent $1000 USD worth of bitcoin to an unknown seller on the dark web and waited for their box to arrive.

“We took it in the house, and we were like, let’s just make a video about this. At the time, obviously we were nervous… At that time, I was thinking, ‘Hmm, I dunno about this’,” Jarrett explained.

“We were just hoping it wasn’t gonna be like, body parts or anything.”

Inside the box they found Uno cards, a shoe, an unidentified foul-smelling bag, a comb with hair in it, a ‘Jennifer’ license plate, some jewellery, and some other items covered in white powder.

Their video already has over half a million views.


While most of the unboxing videos come from the US and the UK, it’s possible to buy a mystery box in Australia.

One, erm, very odd listing on Gumtree includes an image of a package, a cat’s tail, and a foot featuring yellowing, curling toenails.

dark web unboxing
No one... wants this. Image: Gumtree.

While some of these unboxing videos are possibly hoaxes, some of them are real.

Someone, somewhere out there, is collecting random unsettling items and posting them to strangers on the other side of the world.