PSA: Your next Netflix obsession is a darker version of Stranger Things.

Hold onto your eggos Stranger Things fans – we’ve found your next Netflix obsession.

It’s called Dark and it’s a, erm, dark German supernatural crime thriller that’s being compared to Stranger Things.

Dark is set in a small German town where two young children have just gone missing. The story follows four families in the town as the disappearance of the two kids exposes fractured relationships, double lives and sinister secrets.

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And there’s a supernatural twist to the story which ties back to an incident that occurred in the town in 1986. Sound kind of familiar?

There’s some serious parallels between the two shows – kids on bikes, kids disappearing, kids on bikes investigating the disappearance of said kids, and some kind of big ole’ supernatural conspiracy tying it all together.

But Dark is, well, a lot darker than Stranger Things.

The setting is ominous, the town is surrounded by a spooky forest and a shadowy cave and most of the series is set in dimly-lit rooms and dark streets.

There’s a whole lot of swearing, nudity and gore, and it goes places the kids from Stranger Things would never dare to go.

The Dark storyline is punctuated with tales of cheating spouses, dirty little secrets, brutal murders and dead animals falling from the sky.

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It’s kind of like Stranger Things meets Twin Peaks meets Mindhunter.

You’ll want to watch Dark late at night with the lights off so you can fully immerse yourself in its ominous, otherworldly atmosphere.

The entire 10 episode first season of Dark is streaming on Netflix now.

Get ready to binge, people.

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