Fans spotted a very awkward issue with last night's women's tennis.

If you were conscientious enough to compile a list of things Twitter cannot keep it’s sh*t together about, here’s another:

Two tennis players accidentally wore the same outfit when playing each other.

Current darling of Australian tennis and bearer of our entire country’s Open hopes, Daria Gavrilova, last night took to Rod Laver Arena spectacularly defeating Swiss-born Timea Bacsinszky. It was one of those classic, Grand Slam, third round, three-set thrillers, enveloped by a crowd who come out in waves of patriotism upon spotting a talented sportswoman or man of the same nationality.

And although so many were angled on the edge of their seats for most of the game, fist-pumping along with every successful point Gavrilova won, it was the outfits people couldn’t look past.

Because, for one, from afar, many weren’t sure if they actually were barracking for the right person.

It appears Gavrilova and Bacsinszky are both sponsored by the same people, resulting in the same outfit that started at their shoes and ran all the way to their head wear.

The only difference, it seems, was the fact that Gavrilova wore a white visor, while her opponent was in a white headband. (Potato-potarto etc.) It didn’t take long before the Amber Sherlock jokes came out in full force, with many wondering how the Channel 9 newsreader would be responding to the Julie Snook-like crisis.

Despite the jokes cast and confusion experienced, tennis fans will understand the outfit double-up isn’t uncommon. After all, certain sporting brands only design a few different outfits for their athletes to choose from, with it not being outside the realm of possibility that two opponents are sponsored by the same brand and took a liking to the same outfit.

This is just a portion of the confusion: