Which fashion mag just put an actual curvy girl on the cover?

1. A plus-size fashion magazine. And it’s actually stylish.

Stylish and freaking FABULOUS.

DARE Magazine is new fashion mag that’s just been launched in Canada. It began as a thesis project for fashion student Diana Di Poce in her final year and it was so fab that she received backing to launch the mag as an actual glossie. Check out the first cover:

G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S (Click here to see the whole mag!)

Diana spoke to Thought Catalogue recently about why she created DARE:

DARE is dedicated to catering to curvy women sizes 12+. Although the magazine is targeted towards plus women, I didn’t find it necessary to label it as a plus-size magazine in the logo or in the aesthetic. The average woman in North America is a size 14, so I didn’t see a purpose in stamping a 12+ label on the website or on the cover of the first issue. Similar to how I flip through straight-size fashion magazines for trend inspiration knowing that I won’t be able to fit into these garments or shop at the stores mentioned, I want all women to be able to go to DARE as a fashion and beauty bible.

And it really is a fashion bible. Check out some more pics:

Pictures: Dare Magazine

HELLS YES. Well done DARE Magazine. Well done.

2. Which Aussie pop singer has been cast as Kylie Minogue in the upcoming INXS mini-series? Click here for the answer and the first pic from the set.


3. Which celebrity’s 9 month old baby just opened a Twitter account?

Yeah. That wasn’t a typo. We definitely meant to write MONTHS. And the hashtag #pooprocks has already been put into rotation.

Melissa Joan Heart’s (that’s Sabrina the Teenage Witch FYI) son Tucker now has his very own Twitter account. And it doesn’t seem pointless at all, especially when you read witty gems like this:


But a couple of days later, it became apparent that Tucker is quite the savvy little PR guru. Check out the way he pimps out his latest magazine spread:


Forget first steps – this kid’s parents are probably looking forward to his first major TV negotiation.


4. Independence Day in the United States yesterday was the perfect excuse for Mariah Carey, Heidi Klum, Emmy Rossum etc to post selfies of themselves in bikinis. As you do … Check them out by clicking here, and see 11 other stars who got in the stars & stripes spirit on social media.



5. Justin Beliebers will beliebe anything. ANYTHING.

What does it take to be a true Belieber? Follow the way of your tiny pop king blindly and love him without compromise. WITHOUT COMPROMISE.

At least, that’s the standard set by the belibers in this clip.

Jimmy Kimmel sent a reporter to a Justin Bieber concert this week, and her only job was to make up ridiculous lies about him to see if it would turn any fans off their dream boy.

It didn’t. And the way they go in to bat for him is hilarious.




6. Kanye’s a doting dad… but he’s refusing to do this (boo!): Click here.



7. Jennifer Hawkins looks beautiful in anything…

But – Would You Wear It?

Jennifer wore a very interesting Toni Maticevski dress to last night’s premiere of the latest season of Australia’s Next Top Model. Here’s hoping she’s full of more fashion surprises for her first year hosting the show.

Take a look at the dress in our Would You Wear It? gallery:



8. Hot on the heels of the Blurred Lines controversy, Justin Timberlake’s new video has been banned by YouTube. We’ve got the details here.


9.We predict thousands of pregnant UK women will be having sex, eating curry and playing with their nipples on this day.

Why? Any UK baby born on the same day as the royal bub will receive a gift from the royal family: a silver penny in an adorable pink or blue pouch:

The silver penny

But mums-to-be won’t have a lot of time to get things moving once Duchess Kate goes into labour, so many an urban legend about inducing labour will almost certainly be put into practice on the day. Some others include drinking castor oil mixed with orange juice, blowing up balloons and eating pineapple.

And no faking: couples will have 60 days after to apply for the penny with a copy of their baby’s birth certificate.


10. Madame Tussauds is under fire after unveiling its new waxwork of Adele. Find out why people are so outraged here.