Prince Harry's touching conversation with his "favourite Aussie," 98-year-old Daphne Dunne.



You can be Australia’s most loyal republican but no one, no one, is immune to the greatest royal love story of our time:  Daphne Dunne and Prince Harry.

A war widow, 98-year-old Daphne met Prince Harry for the first time in 2015 when he noticed the Victoria Cross Daphne was wearing, and the pair began talking.

“He said, ‘I’m glad I came over,'” Daphne recalled. “We were just chatting for a little while and then they kept saying to him, ‘We’ve got to go. We’ve got to go.’ But he didn’t worry about that. He just continued on with what he was doing which was talking to me and then when he started to go he gave me a kiss on the cheek.”

Since, Prince Harry has made a point of seeking her out in the crowd every time he visits Sydney.

IT'S TOO MUCH. Image via Getty.
IT'S TOO MUCH. Image via Getty.

They met again in 2017, when Daphne joked that she would like a kiss on the other cheek "because I was lopsided..."

Daphne, please. 

Prince Harry not only seeks his best friend Daphne out, but always sits with her and has a decent conversation, picking up from where they left off.

And on Tuesday afternoon, at the Sydney Opera House, Daphne was introduced to the other woman in Prince Harry's life, Meghan Markle.

"It’s fantastic. I’m so happy to finally meet you. I’ve heard so much about you — all good things," the Duchess of Sussex said to Daphne.

Well... obviously. It's THE Daphne Dunne for goodness sake.

LUCKILY, it seems Daphne approves of their courtship, telling Markle, "I think it's wonderful, the two of you."

But Prince Harry couldn't help but notice how great Daphne was looking, remarking, "I've seen your shoes, they're very cool," before asking: "Have you dyed your hair a shade of pink?"

Well, yes. Daphne had dyed her hair. And she looks beautiful.

Daphne told 9News that when it comes to her friendship with Prince Harry, "we understand each other."

So true.

She's been given the title of Prince Harry's "favourite Aussie", a title which she very much deserves.

And the Duchess of Sussex made a date with Daphne, adding, "Hopefully next time we see you we'll have a little one with us."

Stop it. 

Daphne better be the godmother.