After the birth of her son, Dannii Minogue suffered serious health problems.

But, everyone complimented her on it.

The struggles of motherhood can start from the day you conceive, from the day you give birth or later in life. No matter what your situation you will always have hurdles to overcome as a parent.

Dannii Minogue has just opened up about the struggles she faced after giving birth to her son, Ethan Smith (who is now 4 years old).

The 43-year-old is usually known as a private woman but opened up to Show And Telltalking about her only child who she had with TV personality and model, Kris Smith, 36.

She opened up to Show And Tell. Image credit: Show And Tell screenshot.

Minogue admitted that motherhood hadn't always been easy for her.

"I had some health troubles that were undiagnosed for a while. I was losing weight rapidly," she said in her online interview.

The singer admitted she was thinner after having Ethan and ultimately found out that she had a thyroid problem. However, that wasn't the only health battle she faced - just a week after her thyroid diagnosis the new mum had to get her appendix removed. And - of course - continue to look after her newborn baby.

Because of her ordeal, Minogue said she was so thin that she found it really hard to be a mum.

"It was interesting to see how important it is to other people, to see that you are skinny again," she told Show And Tell.

Behind the scenes of her Show And Tell interview. Image via Show And Tell Facebook.

Minogue confessed that a lot of people complimented her weight loss and commented on how good she looked so soon after giving birth.

Even though she was never a person who thought she would have kids, Minogue loved being pregnant.

"I never loved my body more when I was six/seven months pregnant and you can rub the belly," she said.

And now the former Home and Away star is very in love with her son, Ethan. She gloated about how beautiful he is as a person even though he is more quiet because he's an only child.

Dannii Minogue has always been a family woman.

Ethan shares his time between Dannii's and his dad, Kris's homes in Australia. Apparently he is very similar to his dad when it comes to intelligence and sporting ability. However his mum doesn't think he'll end up in the performance industry.

"He's not a performing kid," she told the online host.

It seems that Minogue's health concerns are all covered as she is looking radiant now and seems to be nailing this parenting gig.

What did you struggle with after giving birth? Did you have a friend that struggled if you didn't?

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