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Your speedy update on all the day’s big stories: Friday, March 14, 2014

Brett Peter Cowan sentenced to life behind bars

Daniel Morcombe’s killer, Brett Peter Cowan, has been sentenced to life in prison. Cowan, 44, will spend at least 20 years behind bars after he was found guilty of murdering Queensland schoolboy, Daniel Morcombe. The serial paedophile has been sentenced to life in prison with a non-parole period of 20 years because of the ‘enormity’ of his offences.

In her comments, Justice Roslyn Atkinson said Cowan showed ‘no sign of remorse’ and had no ‘chance of rehabilitation.’ She added, “For the offence of murder the only sentence available is life imprisonment and yours is a case where that sentence is certainly appropriate.’’

Bruce and Denise Morcombe, Daniel’s parents, have called on the public to honour their son by keeping their children safe.

Did flight MH370 fly for hours after it vanished from radar?

American investigators are convinced that someone on board Flight MH370 shut down the plane's communication systems and have satellite data that shows the missing plane flying off course for around five hours after Malaysia Airlines lost contact with it. Data 'pings' from the flight apparently provided its location, altitude and speed, even after it disappeared from radar screens. The most recent transmission placed the plane over the ocean at what has been deemed a 'normal' cruising altitude. This latest theory has added to fears of a hijacking attack or terror action by pilots with ulterior motives for the plane.


Pistorius trial erupts over graphic death photos

Day eight of the Oscar Pistorius murder trial has ended in uproar over a close-up photo of girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp's dead body, shown to the courtroom by mistake. Pistorius was seen sobbing and vomiting as the image was displayed along with other photos of the bloodied bathroom floor, a gun and his prosthetic leg covered in blood. Friends of Steenkamp were reportedly distraught and crying after seeing the photos, which were shown on video screens in the courtroom by an officer scrolling through pictures on his computer.

Expelled for being anorexic

A British schoolgirl, Lottie Twiselton, has allegedly been banned from attending school because she's a recovering anorexic. The 16-year-old had been discharged from hospital and was looking forward to returning to Northampton High School part-time, but was told that she was not allowed to return until she was fully recovered. Lottie (right) told London's Mirror newspaper: "I felt abandoned. Nobody can understand how important the return to school is when you're in recovery." Lottie's mother, Claire believes that the school banned her because they fear she would be a bad influence on other students and could encourage copycat eating disorders.


Victoria Beckham's multitasking madness

Fashion designer Victoria Beckham, 39, has shared a photo on Twitter that's left many wondering if she's officially gone mad. The former Spice Girl, who is known for her skeletal frame and runway style, says that the image of her walking on a treadmill in ridiculously high heels reveals the secret to her good looks. Victoria captioned the image: "Thank u @SusieCollege. Every office should have one of these, work out and work at the same time!! Genius!! X vb"

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