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Australian soap stars agree to get married in real life.

Marriage between famous people is happening again.

Two of Australia’s favourite soap stars are in love and they’re making that shit official.

Neighbours star Joel Samuels Daniel MacPherson proposed to his girlfriend, actress Zoe Ventoura, over the Christmas holiday. Here are their sickeningly beautiful faces next to one another:

Zoe, best known for playing the girl who died on Packed to the Rafters, gave the secret away when friends started congratulating her on her engagement on Facebook. Clearly, Zoe forgot that she was famous — and one of her FB friends just started calling radio stations to tell them the news (DEFRIEND, ZO, DEFRIEND).

After the couple realised their secret was out, they decided to just confirm the news themselves… and obviously delete that pesky “source” from Facebook.

MacPherson, the co-host of Dancing With The Stars, has been dating Ventoura since 2011. Just like every other celebrity couple in existance, they met on a TV set.

No sign of a ring yet, but Daniel MacPherson’s mum IS a jeweller. So it’s probably going to be pretty sweet.