News: 18 years old and fighting for his life because of a low and cowardly act.

Daniel Christie



Can you imagine the horror felt by Maureen Christie, the mother of Daniel Christie when they received THAT phone call on New Year’s Eve.

Can you imagine the bone chilling coldness that must have surged through the veins of the parents of Michael McEwen early in January?

And the devastation caused to Thomas Kelly’s family when they turned off his life support?

Three young men.

Three senseless acts of violence.

Three families literally ripped apart by the actions of a drunken thugs.

I can’t imagine it. I hope to never have to. I hope that something gets done about it.

You can’t have missed the news about Daniel Christie – an eighteen-year old currently on life support after being ‘king-hit’ on New Years Eve in Sydney’s Kings Cross just a few days ago.

Thomas Kelly died when he was king hit in Kings Cross.

Reports today suggest the young man will suffer brain damage from the despicable act allegedly brought on by 25-year-old builder Shaun McNeil, who reportedly hit four other people that night.

And one of the most tragic parts of this story is that Daniel was just metres from the spot that Thomas Kelly died in 2012 when he was hit.

On that night, in July 2012, a heavily intoxicated and violent 19-year-old coward named Kieran Loveridge punched him to the head with a “king hit”.

Thomas went down, his head striking the pavement causing massive brain damage.

He died in hospital surrounded by his family.

And yet since that day, the same thing has happened time and time again.

We heard just weeks ago of Michael McEwen, a twenty-three year old from a loving Sydney family. He was left unconscious after being punched and stomped on in front of dozens of revelers in the early hours of the morning in Bondi.

As a mother of two young boys it is hard to read these stories without feeling terror at the thought of them growing up.


As a journalist it is hard to remain objective.

I want to rant and scream and demand action but I am just one voice in a country where alcohol and violence are inextricably linked to our culture.

We all know something needs to be done.

This morning Daniel Christie’s parents have come out saying that they don’t agree with the term ‘king hit’.

Michael McEwen

“We have heard it referred to as a coward punch, which seems to be more appropriate.” they said in a Police statement.

Alex Wodak, the former director of Alcohol and Drug Service at St Vincent’s Hospital says the NSW government has found excuses not to extend measures to curb alcohol violence in Newcastle, to Sydney.

No shots are served in Newcastle after 10pm, no patrons are allowed into a venue after 1am, and no alcohol can be sold after 3am.

Dr Wodak says the Premier had promised to introduce strong measures to curb alcohol-related violence when he was in Opposition.

“I really find it offensive that the Premier of this state is singing from the Australian Hotels Association’s song sheet,” he said to ABC radio this morning.

“Let’s come up with policies that have been tried in several parts of the world and that have really worked.”

In November the parents of Thomas Kelly pleaded:

“How many boys or how many of our children have to die before somebody does something to change these laws to make people accountable for what they do?”

On behalf of mothers of wide-eyed baby boys, on behalf of mothers of rough and tumble preschool boys and on behalf of mothers of sullen-yet-loving teenage boys, we plead with them.

Something must be done.

Thomas Kelly’s family have demanded sentencing laws change.

Lets help them demand it.

Share this. Sign the petition. Make it change.