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The fitting Bachelor in Paradise editing technique we've only just noticed.

We need to take a moment to talk about our favourite unofficial contestant of Bachelor in Paradise.

The snake.


(Which is also sometimes a lizard).

As very kindly pointed out to us by the brilliant people of Twitter, Channel 10 producers just can’t resist a lil symbolism in Paradise because, really, what is reality TV without a nod to Shakespearean literary techniques?


Yes, the snake/lizard resting on a nearby branch seems to pop up whenever ~blokes be acting shady~ to remind us that they cannot be trusted.

Look out for it tonight.

We guarantee that when our old mate Daniel The Canadian returns, several quick flashes of a snake will quickly remind us that he is very bad news.

In the ads, we even saw Daniel licking his lips very much like a snake to remind us that he is, in fact, a duplicitous reptile.




We mean no offence to members of the reptile community who may be reading this, but there’s been some definite snake-like moves in Paradise thus far.


1. The great Jules-Alisha sh*t show of last night that crushed precisely every Australian heart.

2. Canadian Daniel being Canadian Daniel.

3. The Bill-Flo-Alex situation, which saw Bill arrange to keep Florence and Alex in at the last rose ceremony with the intention of pursuing both women between rubbing refrigerated aloe vera into his glowing sunburn.

Here are just a few we’ve noticed lurking around paradise (put them in a Hawaiian shirt and we’d honestly struggle to tell them apart):

Oh hey.
It me. All the way from Canada.
Sssss. Dog park. Sssss.

Yes - the Bill, Daniel and Jules reptile counterparts are slithering all over Fiji and good Lord we hope there are enough mango daiquiris to go 'round.

... We also hope the contestants have their sleeping bags zipped up tight.