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Canadian Daniel just arrived in Paradise and Australia is very unimpressed.

Get oot.

Old mate Canadian Daniel is here to f*ck sh*t up and the Channel 10 snake references tonight were rife.

He’s the self-confessed “puppet master of women” who named himself Geppetto last season and yes that is the level of douchebaggery we are dealing with here.

(As if the women need any more of that in Paradise).

The instant reaction to him walking into the resort – “Oh my god it’s that DOUCHEBAG”, a collective groan, and Alex Nation describing him as condom stuffed full of peanuts – truly says it all.

He’s very quick to tell the camera he “gets off on awkward situations” which sounds a lot like he’s describing his sex life and… oh.

Here’s how Twitter reacted:




And look, we hate to keep flogging a dead horse, but honestly: