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Just a running list of everyone who has left Dancing With The Stars so far.

Dancing With The Stars is well and truly in full swing, with our celebs tapping, twirling and tangoing their way to the top.

Arm in arm, our celebs are shaking things up in the hopes of winning eternal glory the mirrorball trophy. 

In case you missed it, Laura Byrne has proved she's got the moves that can command a room and until Sunday night's episode, Matt Preston proved his culinary expertise isn't the only thing he should be known for. 

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So If you've managed to miss out on any of the dazzling performances and, as a result, the juicy eliminations, do not fret! We can have a running list of all the dancers that have been booted from the dancefloor permanently.

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So without further ado, here is an ordered list of eliminations from the latest season of Dancing With The Stars.

Stay tuned to find out who wins the mirrorball trophy this year!

Charlie Alborne

In the latest episode of Dancing With The Stars, Better Homes and Gardens landscaper Charlie Albone narrowly missed securing a spot in the semi-final. Unfortunately, the landscaper faced tough competition from Olympic hurdler Sally Pearson in the dance-off and despite giving it his all in a lively salsa performance, Charlie's efforts sadly fell short.

Sally Pearson, known for her speed, faced some challenges during her energetic jive routine, with the judges noting that her footwork needed improvement. Charlie Albone, on the other hand, found redemption with his rumba, impressively executing two lifts without any mishaps. However, his performance garnered a score of 17 points, with Mark Wilson commenting on his charming "yet somewhat awkward demeanour reminiscent of Hugh Grant."

In the end, it was the audience votes that played a pivotal role, resulting in Charlie and Ruby, as well as Sally and Mitch, finding themselves in the dance-off. Sally and Mitch delivered a beautiful and technically proficient waltz, while Charlie pulled out all the stops, giving his everything in a vibrant salsa performance. 

Matt Preston

Matt Preston, former judge of MasterChef Australia, was the first star to leave Dancing With The Stars. But instead of being eliminated, he quit the show. 


Following an injury that occurred just minutes into his first-ever rehearsal with his dance partner Jessica Raffa, the food critic suffered an injury to his ankle. 

As a result, he damaged a tendon and had to miss out on two weeks of crucial training. Preston told TV Week he was sure he would have to withdraw from the competition. 

"My immediate reaction was, 'Oh, I can't do it now,'" he recalled. However, the 61-year-old managed to pull through and this week, the dancing duo performed Brian Ferry’s 'Let’s Stick Together'. 

But after failing to impress the judges, scoring a 6/10 and being told they would have to go up against AFL legend Gavin Wanganeen and his dancing partner Megan Wragg, Preston announced his withdrawal. 

"I've loved everything about this but my ankle is cooked," he said. "I can't dance again tonight. So what I want to do is to concede and give the win to Gavin and to Megan who did brilliantly today."

He told Stellar's Something To Talk About podcast taking the opportunity to compete on DWTS was one he couldn't pass up. 

"An opportunity like Dancing comes along and you go, ‘I don’t need to do it.’ And then you go, 'Well, let’s have a crack.'," he explained. "There’s one word that I keep hearing a lot from certain people of a certain age who’ve achieved a lot, and that’s the fear of 'humiliation'."

"I think this is a really debilitating idea, this idea that your children are going to think less of you or your friends are going to joke about you," the food critic continued.

"Humiliation is just an anxiety that really has no place in the modern world."


James Magnussen, Gavin Wanganeen and Issa Schultz

In a shock triple elimination last night, three fellas were sent home, whilst Mary, Emily and Paulini waltzed their way into the Grand finale. 

Although James Magnussen delivered some seriously inspirational lifts and a powerful take on the Viennese Waltz, he stood no match to the power of Paulini, which ultimately sent this boogie man home. 

Issa Schultz stunned viewers with a serious rendition of the Paso Doble, however, Todd McKenney found his stern attempt at the dance humorous and adorable, but not enough to keep him in the game.

Unfortunately, Gavin Wanganeen was the first to be booted from the dancefloor, but an honourable performance as the AFL star overcame a back injury to deliver an inspiring Rumba. 

Sally Pearson, Pia Miranda and Laura Byrne

The competition is really heating up, and the stakes are higher than ever.

Last night we saw another round of ballroom madness, several of our favourites danced their final dance. 

It seems that Laura Byrnes's nerves got the better of her, whilst Sally Pearson's tango fell short of fabulous in a competition where there's no room for error.

Unfortunately, this also meant that Pia wasn't able to progress any further, despite Judge Mark Wilson sharing that this was “her best routine she’s done so far”. 

This story was originally published on June 6, 2023 and updated on July 18, 2023.

Image: Channel 7.

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