OW! Kyly Clarke's incredibly painful Dancing with the Stars injury

Last night, Dancing with the Stars contestant Kyly Clarke was forced to pull out of the competition after tearing her hamstring.


Her husband, cricketer Michael Clarke is usually the one battling injuries – his sporting career has been riddled with back and hamstring issues, so it looks like his wifey’s now joining the hammy party. But Kyly’s not celebrating.

“I’m devastated,” Kyly told Sydney Confidential, “Michael has a hamstring injury too but it is a different one to mine, he has torn that part that makes him have to stop running straight away.

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“Mine is a dancer’s injury, ballerinas usually get what I’ve got. Mine is a lot higher up where the hamstring goes into your butt.”

“I’m disappointed and kind of in shock as well, I really didn’t think I would be leaving the show under these circumstances.”

Michael Clarke is currently in Dubai for the Pakistan Test Series, but has been sending his support to his wife from afar.

“He was obviously very disappointed for me because I am having an absolute blast and I’m enjoying this journey so much,”

Even though Kyly was a favourite to win, she and her doctor decided to look after her injury as the highest priority. Her Doctor wrote the following to the show's producers:

“If she was to continue to dance, she risks tearing it off the bone and then having to have surgery,”

All the best for your recovery Kyly!

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