UPDATE: Is this the most disgusting man ever to go viral?


Playboy and professional poker player Dan Bilzerian has been arrested in Los Angeles.

Gawker reports Bilzerian, 34, was arrested at LAX onTuesday night. He is currently being held without bail.

The LAPD told LA Weekly Bilzerian is facing charges of possessing or manufacturing illegal explosive devices.

However, Gawker reports it is unclear whether the arrest is in any way also linked to a recent incident in which Bilzerian allegedly kicked a woman in the face in a Miami nightclub.

A spokesperson for the LIV nightclub confirmed that Bilzerian has been permanently banned from coming back in the club after the alleged kicking incident.

The woman, Vanessa Castano in the face, filed a police report following the incident, which was caught on tape.

Mamamia previously reported:

Okay. We really, really didn’t want to give this disgusting story any air but grab a nearby pillow to scream into because we can’t ignore it any more.

Here’s where it all started: last month, venture capitalist/actor/poker player/noted misogynist Dan Bilzerian threw a naked woman off a roof and she broke her foot.

(In case you haven’t had the displeasure of making Bilzerian’s online acquaintance, he’s a millionaire venture capitalist and “professional poker player” — seems legit — and he’s kind of famous for his bizarre Instagram feed, which features a mix of tiger cubs, large guns and women in string bikinis, often all at once.)

Here are some, erm, charming excerpts from Bilzerian’s Instagram account. Captions are his, and very definitely not ours:

Anyway, on 25 April, big-spending, large-living Bilzerian was posing for a shoot for US men’s magazine Hustler and said the shoot involved Bilzerian throwing 19-year-old adult film actress Janice Griffith off the roof of a building into a pool.

Despite the pair being properly trained by a stuntman at the shoot, things went awry. Some say Griffith grabbed his shirt, others say he threw her the wrong way.


Whatever happened, he threw her off the roof, she missed the pool and – luckily – only ended up with a broken foot.

Griffith’s had to take some time off work, so she took legal action against Bilzerian, seeking $85,000 in compensation from Bilzerian for the loss of earnings she incurred as a result of the injury.

And that’s where the latest shocking, nauseating, angry-making development begins.

Despite the fact Blitzerian’s net worth is roughly $100 million, his lawyers sent Griffith’s a bit of a horrible exchange that, frankly, reads like an excercise in Total and Utter Dismissive and Smug Sexism.

The leaked letter, obtained by Total Frat Move, started off okay:

Dear [blanked-out name], I represent Dan Bilzerian and received your letter on behalf of Janice Griffith.

I am genuinely sorry that your client was hurt. No one wants to see anyone injured.

Then it got a bit rude:

The whole tragi-comic thing is of course on tape. Given that you agreed to send Mr Bilzerian a threat to sue, I can only assume you must not have seen it.

And then… woah – what?

Thankfully, [your client] does seem to be getting on. I don’t run in the same circles, but like a lot of people, I do have Twitter. And with all due respect, she overshares. I can’t bear to describe most of what is one her eponymous account, thejaniceXXX. I will save you the embarrassment of looking for yourself. Just trust me that her recent missives with the hashtags “#deepthroat”, “#fatpussies” and “#NSFW” (the others are SFW?) suggest that her career is gangbusters.

It went on:

Maybe your client’s theory is that Mr Bilzerian negligently violated the established standard of reasonable care for one who throws a porn actor off a roof into a pool during a photo shoot for an adult magazine. I’ll let that one sink in for a minute.

It threw in (you can almost see the writer patting himself on the back):

So like your client, the facts of the claim won’t quite, fly… 

Right, let’s just recap that.

A young woman was thrown off a roof by a man and, regardless of whose fault it was, she was hurt.

Bilzerian or his lawyer has the choice to behave like reasonable humans and, at the very least, refute her claim in regular, non-judgmental, professional language.

One or both of them chose, instead — assuming this letter is the real deal and not a hoax — to belittle this 19-year-old woman. To apparently suggest that somehow, because she was a woman participating in “a photo shoot for an adult magazine,” any expectation of reasonable care was laughable. To make crass, dismissive and irrelevant allusions to her chosen career.

To stereotype her physical appearance.

To shame her.

To trivialise her pain.

To take the moral low road.

And, in doing so, to cement Bilzerian’s status as the most disgusting man to ever grace the internet.