Dami Im's performance of the National Anthem at the NRL Grand Final is getting a lot of love.

It’s NRL Final night, and the country is split in half.

When it comes to the teams who are playing, there’s a divide through the middle of our great nation.

But apparently, when it comes to Dami Im‘s rendition of the National Anthem, we’re all bloody in this together – because EVERYONE LOVED IT.


Granted, the main event of the night was meant “football” and “who wins” and “something about free kicks”, but it seems like Dami stole the show.

And we couldn’t be prouder.

I’m singing the national anthem tonight at the NRL Grand Final! ???????????? #NRLGF

A photo posted by Dami Im (@damiim) on Oct 1, 2016 at 11:37pm PDT

Time to switch that TV off and turn in for the night, Australia.

Or I suppose you could watch the game… if you’re keen on anti-climaxes, that is.

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