Dami Im's gorgeous Eurovision gown was completely destroyed.

She won the hearts and ears of Eurovision fans around the world, but Dami Im had some very sad news for fans this week.

The custom-made bejewelled ball gown from her iconic Sound of Silence performance is no more.

Appearing on Wednesday night’s episode of The Project the Australian icon was asked by the panel if the dress would be making its way onto her upcoming national tour.

“I haven’t told this to anyone,” the X Factor alumni begun, “but the dress kind of got almost destroyed.”

dami im eurovision

A priceless work of art, now gone. Source: Getty. 

Cue glam hearts around the country breaking.

"The box that I was performing on - the surface was like sandpaper - so every time I came off it it would rip some of the fabric," Im explained, adding that she had to be lifted off by two men every time she performed the song.

"They couldn't get it right in all the rehearsals," Im continued, "So one guy would try to pull me off while I was singing and the other guy wasn't there, and there were so many rehearsals that were actually filmed and I'm screaming as I'm coming down rather than singing the song."

dami im eurovision

Dami Im explains the Eurovision dressgate to The Project. Source: Channel 10.

But just moments after relaying what sounds like a living nightmare, the Gladiator singer who was battling a chest cold continued jokingly, "So yeah, that's how I got the high notes in the end!"

Despite having a huge wave of support behind her and proving herself to be a crowd favourite, Im came in second place, losing the top podium spot to Ukraine.

dami im eurovision

Stupid box had to go and ruin everything. Source: Youtube.

Having only just returned to Australia, Im is now gearing up for a nation wide tour that's happening throughout July and resting up after some serious ribbing from her brother.

Speaking to a Eurovision host after her performance, Im now famously said that if she won, she'd like to have a lemonade with her crew.

"I got so much crap for saying that from my brother! He's like, you're such a loser, you're so lame. But I did celebrate with a lemonade at the after party!"

Dami talks about the dress destruction below. 

Video via The Project
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