Dakota Johnson goes from passive brunette to dirty blonde.

Judging by the painfully awkward promo tour for Fifty Shades of Grey, we’re willing to bet Dakota Johnson is pleased to distance herself from the flick by appearing as a punchy blonde in her next release, a gritty update of Shakespeare’s Cymbeline.

Dakota Johnson goes back to her blonde roots for new movie Cymbeline. Image via YouTube.

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Starring alongside Ethan Hawke and Milla Jovivich. Dakota plays Imogen (totally a blonde name) in this dark tale of dirty cops, a biker gang and a drug kingpin.

As a blonde she suddenly looks much more like mum Melanie Griffiths (her dad is ’80s spunk Don Johnson, of course). And hopefully Ma Griffiths will be a bit prouder of her daughter’s work that she appears to be in this red carpet clip.


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Looks who’s also blonde this week: Khloe Kardashian.

Khloe posted a picture of her new style with the caption; "I am in love with @traceycunningham1 for making me a blonde blonde sugar baby!". Image via Instagram

Mo' blonde

Curious about who else has crossed over from the dark (brown) side?

Who do you prefer as a blonde or a brunette? And what do you think of Dakota's Fifty Shades of blonde?

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