Your daily dose of cute: Even more baby panda-monium

It's been about, oh, a week since iVillage's last post on baby pandas, so it's about time we revisited everyone's favourite topic.

Cast your mind back to September 27 - the fateful day when the world was introduced to the 14 newest additions to a panda nursery in Chengdu, China. (Don't pretend it isn't a permanent fixture in your memory, up there with your mum's birthday.)

Well, now those same 14 pandas have ventured outside for the first time in their young lives - and the footage made us squeal with delight. Watch as the artificially-bred cubs are carried outside by their minders and placed on a blanket for a bit of sunbaking, bottle-feeding and just generally looking like fuzzy little parcels of cuteness.

We would like nothing more than to join them for a big baby panda snuggle-fest.

For ultimate enjoyment, we suggest you skip straight to the 00.35 mark, mute the reporter's voice and play some happy music instead (something by The Beach Boys ought to do the trick).

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