'My children's mum came to pick them up one day in 2014. Then, my babies vanished.'

Harry Speath from Brisbane is desperately searching for his two children Serena, 7, and Thomas, 6. They are believed to be with their mother and last seen on 5 December 2014. Have you seen them? Can you help?

Father of Thomas Kurt Michael Speath born 27 April 2010, and Serena Lucia Speath born, 29 March 2009, hasn’t seen his children since their mother Jane Iluci Adare picked them up from Harry’s home just before the Christmas break in 2014.

“I met Jane shortly after my father passed away in 2006. I was talking with friends at the local dance club and was instantly attracted to her infectious laugh. Our friendship progressed; we started dating and she moved in with me in June 2008.

“She fell pregnant almost immediately. I knew she wanted children and we’d discussed them being part of a long-term relationship. We had two children, Serena and Thomas, in rapid succession. Things went downhill from there.

“She left the first time on Valentine’s Day 2011. Serena was nearly two, Thomas wasn’t even one. I missed both children’s birthdays during the separation but at least I knew they were with Jane’s mother, 20 minutes away. I didn’t see them for over three months.

Thomas and Serena at a circus outing in October 2014. (Image: supplied.)

“Finally, I started working towards reconciliation. By November, I was spending most nights with her and the kids at her mother’s house. Jane said she wanted to come home and have a full reconciliation. We made it work for a year, but it was difficult.


“On 1 July 2013 she moved out. It was horrendous. I didn’t see my kids for six weeks.”

Harry says that when Jane requested that he only have very short weekly-supervised access visit, they headed to the Family Court.

“It was agreed we would share custody, a week in turns. We agreed shared parental responsibility,” he said.

“The end of term before Christmas 2014 was the last time I saw my kids.”

Serena at a school break-up concert in 2014. (Image supplied.)

Harry said that Thomas appeared morose to him, while Serena was racing around decorating the Christmas tree, “trying to cram everything into every minute she had with me.”

“On Friday, Jane arrived at pick up time. When the doorbell rang, Thomas became distraught. He clung to me and wouldn’t let go. ‘It’s okay. Don’t worry. Everything will be fine,’ I said, trying to calm him down. He was crying his eyes out. Serena was putting on her shoes. She looked up and me and smiled.”

Jane picked up the children from Harry’s home that day, and Harry hasn’t seen nor heard from them since.

Thomas at a school break-up concert 2014. (Image: supplied.)

“With that, they were gone. I had a scheduled call with them on Monday. It went to message bank. My scheduled call on Wednesday went to message bank too.

“I called my solicitor on Thursday who suggested I try Jane’s mother’s house. No answer. At this moment I just knew. My stomach lurched as Thomas’ demeanour spun round and round in my head.

“I stood at the school gate on Friday, my hope fading as other children ran out. They weren’t there. Inside the school office I was told they hadn’t been in all week.

Serena on Christmas Day in 2013. (Image: supplied.)

“I raced to Jane’s mother’s house and knocked on the door. She spoke to me from a balcony above the front door. ‘Where are the kids?’ I asked. ‘I haven’t seen them for over a week,’ she replied.”

Harry said he pleaded with Jane's mum.

“I said, ‘Please tell me where they are’. 'Why would I do that?' she replied,” Harry said.

“The last day I saw my children was the 5th of December 2014. Every Christmas is painful. Birthday and Christmas cards I’ve sent are returned. My calls go to message bank.”

The Federal Circuit Court of Australia issued a recovery order on 17 February 2015 authorising recovery of the children by the State, Territory or Federal Police Forces, and has permitted publication of photographs and information about the family for the purpose of locating the children.

Thomas on Christmas Day in 2013. (Image: supplied.)

Despite the Orders issued by the Court and various attempts to locate the children through media requests for information, Harry has still not received any information since he last saw his children just over two years ago.

Thomas, now 6, and Serena, now 7, are believed to be with their mother Jane Iluci Adare, now 47, or people associated with her, in southeast Queensland. However, Jane holds dual citizenship and there are also concerns that she and the children may now be in the UK.


“I have no idea where they are. Every day is hard. I think of my children constantly.”

The children at the Boat Park. (Image: supplied.)

Harry doesn’t know anything about the health, wellbeing or education of his children. According to Queensland Education, the children have not attended their school or been enrolled at any other school in the state.

“Jane and I had tough conversations about school because Serena’s extremely allergic to eggs and peanuts. She carries an EpiPen auto-injector in case of an anaphylactic attack. Jane wanted her home-schooled,” Harry said.

Harry is hoping that a member of the public may be able to help with information or will recognise his children from photographs, leading to their recovery.

“It’s beyond words. Like they’ve died but I’ve not had anyone to bury. What message can I put out except please bring them home?

“They say men are from Mars, women are from Venus, but we’re all from earth. We’re all human; I’m hurting every single day without my children. I love them dearly.”

Can you help? If you have any information call Crimestoppers 1800 333 000.

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