Dad's tough cookie question for Coles is everyone with a food intolerance.

Anyone with a food allergy or intolerance knows the (literally) gut wrenching pain of not being able to eat the foods you once loved.

One minute, you’re enjoying cheese, croissants, beer or even just a normal-sized slice of bread. The next, all your guilty pleasures, gone in an instant.

For one dad, the agony of not being able to consume an entire packet of Coles Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookies got so real, he decided to seek professional help. On Facebook, of course.

“Dear Aunty Coles,” Brad wrote in a post to the Coles Facebook page.

“After a particularly nasty sinus infection, i (sic) developed an allergy to dairy. Eating pretty much anything that contains dairy leads to about a week of debilitating headaches.”

Holding said cookies in his hands, the father goes on to explain the internal struggle we’ve all dealt with at some point in our lives: to eat, or not to eat.

“I’m looking at these bikkies that i bought for my kids, and honestly i’m asking myself the question: Is a week of pain worth it? I mean, look at these (sic),” he said.

It’s a tough dilemma anyone with a food allergy or intolerance knows all too well – the decision between a few minutes of gratification, and a few hours in the bathroom afterwards.

In an effort to be helpful yet diplomatic, Coles sympathised with Brad’s situation in the comments.

“Maybe your kids can eat them for you, and provide an in-depth commentary for you as to their yumminess?”, the retailer suggested.

(Image: Facebook)

While these Coles cookies do look delicious, we'd advise this dad seeks some medical advice before chowing down.

Do you have food allergies? What foods do you miss that you can't eat anymore?

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