When 10-year-old Sophie cried over her disappointing report, her dad wrote her a new one.

When Shane Jackson’s 10-year-old daughter cried over her report, he decided to write her a new one.

In a post on Twitter, the Tasmanian dad wrote, “My daughter who has ASD received straights Ds on her report today. She cried and said “I’ve let everyone down” this is my report card for her” alongside an image of the adorable report card he made her.

On the report card, he gives his daughter who has Autism Spectrum Disorder, A’s for being funny and loving dogs, and an A+ for being the best daughter ever.

The tweet has since been retweeted over 11,000 times, with almost 60,000 likes.

In response to an overwhelming amount of support for his daughter’s drawings, the father set up a Twitter account to showcase her artwork.

Speaking to Yahoo7, the father said that while his daughter loves her teacher and they appreciate her school greatly, he wanted to lift her spirits by praising her many wonderful traits that aren’t recognised by the education system.

“Sophie and my partner were so upset, mainly because she had tried so hard,” the dad told Yahoo7.

Following the support from Twitter, Sophie’s dad wrote on Twitter that she now has “a beaming smile, and she has loved the positive Twitter comments – especially on her art….” and that she is over the moon with her new report card.
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