Dad "unfit parent" for refusing to take son to McDonald's

Surely a parent should be applauded for not giving their child junk food? This dad is at risk of losing visitation rights to his son for refusing to take him to McDonalds.

David Schorr and ex-wife Bari Yunis (pictured above on their wedding day) are embroiled in a heated custody battle and their fight took an ugly turn when David wouldn't buy their five-year-old son chicken nuggets for dinner.

Schorr is now suing the child's court-appointed psychologist Marilyn Schiller, who reported the “incident” to the judge and recommended that his visitation time be reduced or even eliminated, saying he was "wholly incapable of taking care of his son”.

“You’d think it was sexual molestation,” he told The New York Post. “I am just floored by it.”

Schorr currently has custody of his son on alternate weekends and dinner every Tuesday. When he collected him for dinner on October 30 the child demanded chicken nuggets from McDonalds, but Schorr refused "because his son had been eating too much junk food"  and offered him a choice — dinner anywhere but McDonald's, or no dinner at all. When the boy, "stubborn as a mule, chose the 'no dinner' option", he took him back home to his mother.

Mum immediately took the boy out for his nuggets. Nice one. Then she called his psychologist.

Schorr has admitted regretting his decision. “Even my mother, the strictest mother in the world, said, ‘Why didn’t you just take him to McDonald’s? What were you thinking? You know that this is a divorce situation,’” he said.

Manhattan family therapist Michelle Ascher Dunn told The New York Daily News that what Schorr did was good parenting.

“You don’t fold because a child demands something,” she said. “Parents have to have a set of values they follow. This is not like withholding medical care, it’s saying no to McDonald’s.”

What do you think? Did David do the right thing? 

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