A dad thought he found his daughter's sex toy. Then started the most awkward text exchange.

When you’re a teenager, there’s almost nothing worse than when your parents go through your stuff when you’re not at home.

Except when your parents go through your stuff when you’re not at home and think they’ve found a SEX TOY.

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened to Emily, a teenager in the US who says she was just hanging at a friend’s place – probably doing her calculus homework – when she received a rather… unexpected text from her father.

“When we get home we need to talk,” the message read.

You see, Emily’s dad had found an object that HE believed looked curiously like a vibrator.

Image via Twitter.

"Well I found this," he wrote, alongside a snap of a purple, cylindrical object with electrical outlets.

"Why are you making these purchases. That is disgusting! You shouldn't waste your money! If you have these kinds of needs I suggest you don't leave this shit laying around (sic)."

Image via Twitter.

There are three distinct issues with this dad's response: Firstly, we're not huge fans of his slut-shamey tone. Secondly, he's the one snooping in someone's room and therefore any feelings he has about finding 'disgusting' things are null and void.

And thirdly, the item in question is definitely NOT what he thinks it is.

When Emily asked her dad what he thought he had found, he replied, "Those disgusting toys that vibrate!"

The teen quickly set the record straight, revealing that the "toy" was actually a portable charger she used to charge her phone at work.

Image via Twitter.


It turns out, poor dad was just trying to find some Chapstick.

After pleading with Emily to not tell her mother about the cringe-worthy exchange, Emily did the next best thing: she shared it online in a tweet that has since been shared more than 38,000 times.


Of course, because this is the Internet and people will do almost anything for their 15 minutes of fame, there are plenty of people who believe Emily's story didn't quite happen the way she said.

"Weird he still picked it up to take the picture," one person wrote, while another added that it shouldn't have been a big deal if he'd accidentally stumbled on a vibrator anyway.

"How r dildos disgusting tho? Like women have needs sorry to be the bearer of bad news (sic)," one comment read.

Hey, at least the story has a happy ending: after all of that, Emily's dad managed to find the Chapstick.


Thank goodness for that.

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