A dad stumbled on his son's fake ID in the most awkward way. So, he shamed him online.

Well, this is goddamn hilarious.

A dad has gone and done a dad thing and it’s the daddiest thing you’ll see all week.

When Wade Grundmeyer, the dad in question, stumbled upon his son’s fake ID on his local liquor store’s ‘wall of shame’ he decided to have a little fun.

Instead of yelling at his 20-year-old son (they’re from Los Angeles where the legal drinking age is 21) Grundmeyer decided to take a selfie in front of the wall of shame and share it on Twitter.


“That proud dad moment when you go to the liquor store and find your [sic] sons confiscated fake ID displayed on the wall of shame,” he captioned the post.

Of course, everyone loved this classic dad move and the tweet has already been shared over 28,000 times.

To make things even funnier, Grundmeyer had wished his son a happy 20th birthday just hours earlier.

Never change, dads, never change.