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1. Dad charged with assault after “brushing his teenage son’s teeth with too much force.”

A Perth father has been charged with assault after allegedly brushing his son’s teeth with so much force the boy’s gums bled.

Police say the man is facing three counts of aggravated common assault.

According to Seven News, the unidentified Perth man allegedly grabbed his teenage son on the back of his neck and steered him toward the bathroom where he grabbed his toothbrush and then allegedly brushed the teenager’s teeth aggressively.

The man’s lawyers say they find the charges bizarre.

“I find (the charges) extraordinary, and it is legal in Western Australian for parents to apply physical force to correct the child as long as it’s reasonable and proportionate,” his lawyer Nicole Young said.

“So I can’t really understand how the police decided to bring these charges.”

The father will appear in court early next year.

2. Man charged with attacking his mother and girlfriend with a sword and machete.

A man charged with attacking his mother and girlfriend with a sword and machete in Sydney’s west has been refused bail.

Clinton Walker, 26, was arrested by police after concerned neighbours alerted authorities.

Police say the two women, 58 and 22, barricaded themselves in a room at a house in Emu Plains after they were hacked almost to death.

Walker, was believed to have been on the drug ice during the incident.

Superintendent Brett McFadden said, “After sustaining significant injuries right across their bodies, they’ve barricaded themselves with a view that if the male managed to get into that room. their lives were in real peril.”

“There were extensive amounts of blood throughout the house. The wounds to both victims were significant,” Supt McFadden said.

Walker was refused bail at Penrith Court.

3. 18-month old hit by car reversing in caravan park dies.

An 18-month-old who was struck by a car at a south coast caravan park has died.

Police say that the car, driven by a woman in her 30s believed to be the little girl’s mother, was reversing around 3.30pm yesterday when the girl was struck. The family were staying at the Big 4 East’s Beach Caravan Park on Ocean St, Kiama.

The child was treated by paramedics for abdominal and chest pains and abrasions before being air lifted to Sydney Children’s Hospital at Randwick in a critical condition.


The toddler later died from her injuries.

4. Father who left son in hot car gets life.

A father who left his toddler in a hot car to die has been sentenced to life in jail.

Justin Ross Harris was sentenced to life without parole and an additional 32 years for the murder of his 22-month-old son, who died after he was left in Harris’ hot car in Georgia in the US on June 18, 2014.

Cooper spent about seven hours in a car seat in Harris’ locked SUV.

Judge Mary Staley Clark said Harris “callously walked away” and left his child in a hot car “to swelter and die.”

5. NSW teachers to strike on Thursday.

Schools across the NSW will be disrupted on Thursday as teachers walk off the job over pay and conditions.

Many schools have warned parents to expect the industrial meeting to last up until 10.30am, reports The Sydney Morning Herald.

The Minister for Education, Adrian Piccoli, said it was disappointing students would be affected.

“I have suggested the [Teachers’] Federation hold their meeting outside of school hours,” Mr Piccoli said.

NSW Teachers Federation president Maurie Mulheron said teachers will return to work after they vote on the state government’s pay offer.

Minimal supervision will be available for students for the duration of the meeting. Normal classes will resume after the meetings.

6. Several dozen asthma callouts in Victoria.

Paramedics received several dozen calls from people with asthma across Victoria yesterday as stormy weather combined with high pollen counts triggered more asthma attacks.

Last month “thunderstorm asthma” caused the deaths of eight people in Victoria.

An Ambulance Victoria spokesman told The Age that asthmatics should make sure they carry their puffers.

“We remind people to know what their asthma triggers are, make sure their plans are in place and have medication with them.”

7. Criminal investigation into rave fire.

Police in the US have opened a criminal inquiry into a fire that killed at least 36 people at a warehouse party in Oakland, California.

The warehouse had no sprinklers and was, according to an ex-resident called it a “death trap”.


It is thought between 50-100 people were inside when the fire broke out late on Friday.

“When we started this investigation, if you had told us that you would have 33 victims, we wouldn’t have believed you,” Sgt Ray Kelly of Alameda County said before the death toll rose by another three. “I don’t know how many people are left in there.”

“People want answers. People want to know that the investigation into this fire is very thorough,” Mr Kelly told media.

The youngest victim was just 17.

One survivor told SFGate he thought the smoke at first was part of a show.

Chris Nechodom was on the first floor when he first noticed it.

“I noticed the smoke and thought, ‘Is that a fog machine?’ Then people were running frantic,” said Nechodom, 30. “I looked to the back. and it was just from wall to wall, the ceiling was on fire

8. Australia’s 50 highest paying jobs revealed.

The Australian Taxation Office has released figures for 2013-14, showing the 50 highest paying jobs for men and women in the country.

Fairfax Media reports that for men the highest paid job is a neurosurgeon on $577,674, but for women it’s a judge on $355,844.

The figures clearly show the pay gap between men and women.

For men the top five paying jobs are:

1. Neurosurgeon $577,674

2. Ophthalmologist $552,947

3. Cardiologist $453,253

4. Plastic and reconstructive surgeon $448,530

5. Gynaecologist; obstetrician $446,507

For women they are:

1. Judge — law $355,844

2. Neurosurgeon $323,682

3. Plastic and reconstructive surgeon $281,608

4. Futures trader $281,600

5. Vascular surgeon $271,529

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