The internet is sending its condolences to this 'home alone' dad today.

Parenting can be a rough gig.

It seems those with kids are faced with daily challenges like getting them to eat veggies, sit quietly and even pee straight. And then, as I’ve learned today, there’s the added challenge of fending off baby attacks.

When Reddit user KiddJones’ wife asked him “How’s your day going?” the dad responded with a clip that we’re sure sums up the situation perfectly. You can watch it below.

Video via KiddJones

If a picture paints a thousand words then this GIF is saying something like: “Well I have a baby attacking my head with his nappy-clad bum, so I’ve been better.”

Fellow Reddit users were big fans of the clip, giving it over 92,000 ‘votes’ in just a few short hours, and sharing their own tales of surviving child attacks.

“Oh boy I’m triggered. Just had my two nearly three-year-old daughter wake up screaming, refuse to sleep and then grab my hair. Boy I’m unequipped for this single parent thing. Dad just wants to sleep. Please. Please…” wrote Potatoesarenotcool.


“I have two sons and a daughter (four y/o boy, three y/o boy, 18 months girl) that attack me daily like this,” shared Stacksby. “Their favourite is to jump on my chest and crotch. Especially when it’s all three kids together.”

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“I just sent this to my wife and said “This is all too familiar”,” Permalinkembedparent added.

Others chimed in with their interpretation of the baby’s actions.

“That baby is just asserting its dominance. By the look on Dad’s face, it’s working,” commented Squidhats.

“You mean, it’s twerking,” said Leopardsocks.

Wildwalkerish compared the baby striking his dad’s head to interactions with his employer: “That’s how I feel when my boss is talking to me.”

Commenters speculated on the nappy’s content, with those in the know reassuring us that the situation was not as bad as it could have been.

“That diaper is empty; the line hasn’t changed colour, and it still has wrinkles that it wouldn’t have if it was wet or poopy. Source: I change diapers,” wrote Lead_Sulfide.

What best sums up your day with the kids?