Dad adds hilarious annotations to wife's instructions for caring for their newborn.

A list of ‘hilariously’ annotated instructions for caring for a newborn has gone viral, attracting over 750,000 views on imgur and a heated discussion on Reddit.

The father who took the picture, known only as Jacob, was left the set of instructions while his wife went away for two nights. He took it upon himself to add a few personalised notes – much to the delight of the Internet.


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The couple are both first time parents, and presumably the new mum felt some anxiety about leaving her three-month-old son alone with his dad.

Beginning by crossing out the original title of the list, and replacing it with ‘Recommendations for King Jacob’, the new dad then highlights his wife’s location, inquiring as to whether by ‘Dublin, Ohio,’ she means that she’s in Ireland. 

He then goes on to question why the word ‘Diaper’ starts with a capital letter in the middle of a sentence.

He includes several questions in response to simple instructions. Where his wife has written ‘Apply diaper cream to butt’, he writes, ‘so do I take the diaper back off?’

Jacob also draws a box and some stars around a very long sentence, which he assumes is extremely important.

But I'm level 19 in Fallout 4? Image via imgur.

In addition, he makes several references to video games. Where his wife has written, 'Clean bottle from the night time, make sure it's the level 2 nipple and add to the side of the diaper bag', he has drawn an arrow next to 'level 2', and informed the reader that he is, in fact, on level 19 in Fallout 4.

According to the amended instructions, the fish is also dead. He has crossed out the words, 'feed the fish', and replaced them with 'already died, R.I.P.'

While Jacob's wife was only away for Wednesday and Thursday, he also thought he should add some instructions for himself for Friday. 'Recover from being a single dad', he wrote, followed by 'play Fallout 4', and 'sleep'.

He's also included some FAQ's, such as 'What do I eat?', and 'Where is the dog?'

Jacob's list has inspired solidarity from fellow dads on Reddit. One Reddit user was quite impressed by the concise list Jacob was given.


'Single page? ha I wish. My wife left me a 5 page Itinerary complete with POAs and Emergency information.'

People on Reddit tend to get a little distracted. Image via Reddit.

Another commenter assured parents that the list was completely normal, writing 'As a nurse this is more or less the standard for 1st time parents. Too funny.'

And, of course, it didn't take long for the dad jokes to come rolling in.

A Reddit user, who I strongly believe could be my dad, wrote 'My wife would always get mad at me for not changing a poopy diaper. I told her the box says good for 15 to 18 lbs and there wasn't even a pound of poop in the diaper yet.'

Another dad thinks Jacob should be appreciative for the list.

'The list gets longer and more complicated after the second kid. My wife has started creating a minute by minute itinerary for what I am supposed to do when, and uploading them as calendar reminders in my phone. I thought it was overkill until I left the house without the toddler and didn't realize it until I was around the block.'

But there were quite a few men who took offence to Jacob's wife's need to leave a list in the first place. 'I would be pretty upset if my wife thought I was that incompetent of a parent and adult that she has to spell everything out for me like that,' wrote one Reddit user.

It does get us thinking about whether we should be trusting dads more. But then again, MAYBE THEY COULD BE TRUSTED IF THEY DIDN'T MAKE EVERYTHING INTO A JOKE.


Let's just hope the baby did eventually get a nappy change, and, you know, maybe a bath thrown in for good measure.