The Chop: Lauren Williamson cuts off 35cm of hair.

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Let’s get the extensive #humblebrag-ing out of the way, shall we?

I am very lucky. I have naturally blonde, naturally thick, fast growing hair. And it’s been that way as long as I remember.

God, put a sock in it already, am I right? But I swear there were some detriments to my hair situation.

When everyone in Year Eight was getting bangs I was always told not to ruin what I was so lucky to be born with. And when everyone in Year 11 was experimenting with top-deck dye-jobs I was told how much I’d regret changing to fit in. In hindsight, I’m pretty happy I dodged that bullet.

After 24 years of watching everyone around me switch from red to black from lob, to bob to pixie cut I was sick of the same-ness. And all it took was a 41 degree Celsius day to push me over the edge.

I booked an appointment at Edwards & Co in Surry Hills, Sydney after that particularly sweaty day with the pipe dream of going from butt length locks to shoulder dusting short.

Long hair is good for some things, like this messy fishtail. Post continues after the video. 


I was nervous. What if a shorter length didn’t suit my face? What if the thickness of my hair meant I’d come out looking like a yellow Christmas tree? I tried to keep my plans on the DL in case my hairdresser took one look at my situation and said “no”.

Lauren's hair before. Image: Supplied.


I took in some inspiration by the way of Margot Robbie and Anne Hathaway and told my stylist, Justin Calverley, I was bloody sick of my existing situation. It was too hot for summer, too much to take care of and too long to wear down any longer. He was completely on board.


As soon as he tied my hair into little ponytails and made the first chop I knew I’d made the right decision. But now, over to the expert to tell you all about it.


Justin Calverley. Image: Supplied

What did the transformation involve?

"Lauren came in with hair down to her waist. It had been this long for quite some time but because of the intense thickness she never wore it down. Her colour is completely naturally sun kissed and in very good condition.


A restyle, cut and blow requires a longer appointment because of all the restructuring. Lauren didn't need any colour because her natural base is so beautiful but in most cases a balayage colour will compliment this textured look."

What is it about this new style that’s exciting for you?

"The textured bob chop is a fresh look trending right now for the long-haired women who are looking for a transformation. The weight of long hair tends to flatten on the roots and the "chop" lightens this all up.

After the chop. Image: Supplied.

How many inches of hair did you cut off?

She was ready for the chop and thought it a great idea to donate her virgin hair to the cancer association where it will be processed to be used in wigs for someone in need. We got a good 35cms worth.

And for some more lob inspiration.

Are you thinking about a hair transformation?