A beauty blogger's controversial method for growing her eyelashes is dividing the internet.

Beauty blogger Cass Isel Lopez has posted a video to Instagram claiming she trims her eyelashes to help them grow longer. And it’s divided the internet.

She captioned the video: “My eyelash routine. YES I cut my eyelashes so that they grow longer (think of it as cutting the ends of your dead hair, keeps it healthy). It works for me. If you don’t like spidery looking lashes then oh whale [sic] this is how I do MY lashes and I love it. Remember I’m not telling you to go cut your lashes off this is simply what works for me, everyone is different.” 

Since it was posted the video has been viewed 4.5 million times, and let’s just say, the comments section has been very busy. Instagram users are divided as to whether you should cut your eyelashes, if cutting the hair on your head even makes it grow faster, and some have even claimed that Lopez has faked the whole thing and is trimming fake eyelashes in the video. Oh the controversy.

“You really shouldn’t cut them but since you’re are trimming them it’s fine and your eyelashes don’t grow from the end, they grow from the roots so cutting the “dead” ends off doesn’t exist because the ends aren’t dead,” one frustrated user commented.

cutting eyelashes video
"It works for me." Image via Instagram.

"Cutting your eye lashes is not even comparable to your hair. Your lashes don't get split ends..." added another.

"Your lashes will grow anyway. Cutting them doesn't make any sense they grow from the ROOT," wrote a third. "Unlike for hair on the head which gets split ends and causes breakage if you don't cut them off. That's the only reason to get your hair trimmed."

Some Instagram users thought that Lopez was just snipping off a build up of mascara.

"She's literally cutting off the extra mascara that gets piled up," someone commented.

"I'd believe it if she cut them off BEFORE the mascara. She's cutting off fibers/mascara off. Not her freaking lashes."

While others agreed that taking a pair of scissors to the tiny little hairs that protect your eyeballs was a brilliant idea.

"IM NOT ALONE, CUT YA LASHES," one Instagram user commented.

"I'm definitely going to try this, because I don't wear fake eye lashes," added another.

LISTEN: Let's talk hair of another kind... (Post continues.) 

So do your eyelashes actually grow back? In 2014, Mamamia contributor Claudia Stevenson, shared her story of the time she accidentally cut off hers off.

After incorrectly applying fake eyelashes, Claudia decided to 'trim' the fake lashes, but ended up cutting off all of her real lashes as well.

"I wore fake eyelashes FOR THREE WEEKS. For almost a month I walked around living a lie," she wrote.

"In the end, my eyelashes grew back and returned to protecting my eye, feeling fresh and revitalised after their near-death experience. But they have never quite curled the same way... Surely I couldn’t do too much damage with an eye-curler, right?," she added.

So maybe proceed with caution. What do you think?