"I'd rather sleep in." Jackie O knows the true purpose of a beanie.

Hair has a frustrating habit of not doing what it’s told to on the exact day you need to be out the door fast.

Thankfully, come winter, there’s an easy solution to this dilemma. Enter: the beanie.

Whether it be a slouchy cotton design or a cable knit, pompom-topped wonder, the humble beanie serves as the universal “Get Out Of A Crap Hair Day Free” card… while also keeping your head toasty.

It has the power to conceal just about every hallmark of misbehaving hair — a stubborn sticky-uppy fringe, curls that refuse to curl, etc — and is the perfect cover for mornings when you just can’t be assed to do any styling. Just ask radio presenter Jackie ‘O’ Henderson.


The Kyle and Jackie O Show co-host showed off a lovely new hand-knitted beanie from her mum on Instagram, explaining that it served a dual purpose.

“So good for when you couldn’t be bothered styling your hair in the morning — hence why I wear them in so many photos. #idrathersleepin,” Henderson wrote. Right on.

Beanies are also pretty nifty for keeping your hair safe from the ravages of wet weather, something I will personally vouch for on this rainy Sydney day.

Of course, you do run the risk of "hat head" by wearing one of these guys... so, maybe avoid taking it off if you can.

Regardless, here are 10 cute beanies that'll come to your hair's rescue and keep you warm this winter.

1. Carrie's Beanies 4 Brain Cancer unisex beanie, $29.95

The beanie range Carrie Bickmore created to raise awareness for brain cancer — the illness she lost her first husband Greg Lange to — has been so popular that two of the designs sold out entirely. You can still pre-order the unisex beanie, expected to be delivered late July.

Listen: Carrie Bickmore talks us through a day in her life. (Post continues after.)

2. ASOS Geo Metallic Pattern Beanie, $26 down to $13

It's patterned, it's got a metallic look, and it's got an oversized pompom. The beanie trifecta. Plus, it's on sale.

3. Cotton On Winter Days Pom Pom Beanie, $12.95 down to $5

Look, you can't really say no to a $5 beanie. Especially when it comes with a big, floofy pompom.

4. Forever New Lea Cable Knitted Beret, $24.99

So Frenchy, so chic. This beret-beanie hybrid is somehow freakin' adorable and polished at the same time.


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5. Sportsgirl Country Romance beanie, $19.95

This slouch-fit cable-knit beanie, available in black, red and navy, is a classic choice. Personally, I'd opt for the pop of red — it'll go with all your grey, black and navy winter staples.

6. Gorman Oui Non Beanie, $69

Definitely say "oui" to this stripey bad boy. It's made with lambswool, so toastyness is guaranteed.

7. The North Face Nanny Knit Beanie, $35

The best way to distract from crap hair is with a fun, brightly-coloured, hella chunky beanie. This design comes in three gorgeously vivid colour combos. (Post continues after gallery.)

8. Boohoo Holly Ribbed Slouch Boyfriend Beanie, $6

It's super simple, but it'll go with everything. Available in black and grey.

9. Dangerfield Chunky Cable Beanie, $28 down to $14

When it comes to beanies, "chunky" is the very adjective you want to see in the same sentence.

10. ASOS Fine Knit Faux Fur Pom Beanie, $26 down to $18

Not sure about you, but I wouldn't be able to stop playing with that uber-fluffy pom pom.

Have you bought a winning beanie recently? Where did you find it?

Featured image: Instagram/Jackie O.