"Can we all just cut each other some slack this year? Please?"

In yet ANOTHER case of a person taking their job just a bit too seriously, I was ‘told off’ today by a security guard! Well, scolded really.

Was I getting into fisticuffs with fellow guests? No! Walking around aimlessly drunk, scaring little children? Absolutely not.

I was given a public dressing down for….wait for it….’bagsing’ a poolside lounge bed!

To give you a clearer picture of the situation, I am currently staying at a lovely resort- a beautiful resort (sorry to rub it in!)


Without kids!

For seven days!

The purpose of which is to relax and recharge from my crazy busy life of mum, speaker, writer and educator. So back to my scolding….

The day beds are hot property by the lagoon pool – I get that!

Pool Lounge 2
Lounge chairs by the pool are hot property. Image: Supplied.

They are bliss and people are known to set their alarms for the crack of dawn to nab one for the day! You simply plonk down your towel, sunnies, books, magazines and sunscreen and you are set for the day. No need to move for the next eight hours except to dip your body in the pool to cool off (OH THE EFFORT!!)

Now, I am a VERY pleasant person. In fact, I’ll say it- I’m am just plain friendly. I take the time to smile at strangers. I ask people how they are doing and I wish people a nice day. I bake quiches for my freaking new neighbours I’ll have you know!

So I greeted the security guard by the lagoon pool entrance this morning, and wished him a pleasant day.


That was my downfall…

You see, as I arrived poolside this morning, heavy laden with my burden of supplies for some serious poolside reading and swimming, I greeted said security officer (picture dressed head to tow in black shirt and pants- complete with radio and a big keychain dangly thing off his belt #baddass.)

No diving image supplied 1 use

Now, perhaps he was having a bad morning (week…month… according to other guests), maybe he had just returned from a very serious security officer meeting where they further increased his duties beyond walking around the resort with a serious demeanour, telling kids off for throwing pool balls, or chastising guests for moving chairs into the shade or sneezing without a hanky)

So I located the coveted day lounge and set about ceremoniously laying out my essentials for the day. Except that I had left my first aid items up in the freezer of my apartment: my water.

No problem!

Back in a jiffy!



I was stopped by the pool police as I left.

no alcohol no glass image supplied 1 use


He was speaking in a heavy accent, but the gist of my crime was that you were not allowed to ‘bags lounges!’

Huh?! What? Come again?!!


How old am I? 12?

From what I was able to comprehend, I was not simply allowed to leave all my gear unattended whilst running back to my room ‘quickly’. I had to pack up all my belongings and take them back with me. Was I with family? Um… no. I explained I was up from Melbourne to REST and take a break. He said he didn’t care where I was from- you must have a family member or friend with you!

Thus sayeth the rules of ‘bagsing!’

No problem, sir!

I promptly returned to my day bed and kindly (because I am THAT FRIENDLY) introduced myself to my new friends next to me. They didn’t understand the laws of the land about the rules of ‘bagsing’ but they were more than happy to watch my gear!

Upon explaining my resolution to the security pool man he then told me I had ‘2 minutes’ to retrieve the water bottles from my room. As I explained that he was already setting me up for failure (See the hilarious Kristen Wiig in Bridesmaids) and that I couldn’t possibly catch the lift, run to my room and return in 2 minutes- he replied ‘ONE MINUTE’ even using his pointy his index finger at me!!

Post continues below.

Come again?

Hold up!

How old am I?

Now, I won’t bore you with the ensuing details (however it did involve me asking hotel management what the fine was for leaving my towel post for an unreasonable length of time) and questioning how far the security guy’s duties stretched.

As I finally took my rightful position, a new family arrived and settled in. The lady smiled at me and said ‘Man! Don’t cross that security guard!!’


Do tell!

(She moved a chair slightly out of the sun yesterday thus putting thousands of holiday maker’s lives at rick of injury or having to walk more carefully).

What makes some people behave in such a way? Why do some people feel the need to take life just SO DARN SERIOUSLY?

no jumping off bridge 1 use

Can we not just agree to treat one another with respect and kindness…just for a bit…please?

Now I don’t know this guy’s background- I don’t know if he’s dealing with some stuff in his life, but what I do know for sure is this: It takes just the same amount of energy to be kind and friendly (like the friendly grandfather sitting next to me yesterday at the beach who offered to get me a drink when he went and bought some for his family- bless him) than it does to be rude and, well, less tolerant.

I don’t know about you, but I have already felt the tirade of unkindness and thoughtlessness stretched across the news and social media in just the opening weeks of the New Year. Whether it’s people sharing their often, unkind opinions over a senseless death of a father and sons, or the finger pointing and judgements about things we know nothing about. Can we all just agree this year, to be kinder to each other? To be more tolerant of others and, be just plain nicer to those we know and quite frankly, those we don’t.

As for me, I am stuck poolside guarding my towel with my life until the security guard clocks off at 1pm.

I’m just thankful he didn’t see me pee in the water yesterday.

Sharon Witt is a mum of two, author of 12 books and spends her days immersed in teen world as a speaker and educator. She is addicted to coffee and is often prone to peeing in pools.

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