CULT BUY: The hardworking $15 travel tan you really must pack in your suitcase.

Fact: I am the most pale human being on this earth.

So pale, they call me a ‘day walker’, which thanks to South Park is what rangas who burn easily in the sun will be forever known as.

So when I went on my first P&O Cruise to the Melbourne Cup earlier this year, I decided to tan.

Thankfully, one of my lovely colleagues who is infinitely more skilled in tanning than I dropped a delightful blue pouch thing on my desk.

That product was Custom’s Travel Tan, and not that I’m going anywhere all that fun in the near future, but if I was, I wouldn’t leave home without it.

From the makers of legendary spray tanners, Custom Tan, Travel Tan is the low-commitment multitasking tan you really should pack for your next summer holiday.

Why? Because it’s the least ‘tanny’ tanning product on the market. By ‘tanny’, I mean intimidating, smelly and orange, the kind of tan that once it’s on, you’re stuck with it.

All of those things, Travel Tan is not.



If you’re pale like me and the idea of tanning shakes you to your core, Travel Tan’s gradual tan moisturiser formula will allow you to take control.

A couple of other reasons this product is the bomb:

The formula

Not only does Travel Tan’s formula smell really darn good, it’s also good for your skin. Unlike some tans which can strip the moisture right out of your, let’s face it, already kind of dry skin, Travel Tan contains a bunch of ingredients like natural Vitamin E, macadamia oil, almond sweet oil, sunflower oil – all to keep your tanned skin from looking like it needs a glass of water.

Guys, it also contains sunscreen. Not enough that you shouldn’t apply your regular, full strength SPF over the top, but enough to give you peace of mind when you take your tan for a quick stroll. And it’s sulphate free, paraben free and vegan friendly. It’s an overachiever.

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The practicality

Yes, it can be used as a stand-alone product on prepped skin to give a naturally developing tan over a couple of days. But you can also use it to top up your spray tan if you’re going on a long beach getaway, you lucky duck.

And the packaging, dear God the packaging, is bloody convenient. Rather than trying to stuff a full sized product bottle into your toiletries bag – which any traveller will know is prime real estate – and worrying that it’ll leak all over your retainer, the travel sized pouch can be chucked into just about any bag. The pouch contains just enough product to get you through your average one week holiday.


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^^^ Me, the palest person on earth, looking ‘tanned’ at the Melbourne Cup.

The price

A blue pouch of the good stuff will set you back $15, and can be shipped to you within 1-5 working days at no extra cost. If you’re really pushing it before payday, you can even AfterPay it. Yep.

For more info on Custom’s Travel Tan or to get your mitts on a pouch of the good stuff, visit the Custom Tan website or stalk their Instagram.