Can't find the right foundation shade? You can now blend your own.

If you’re on either end of the spectrum of “golden beige” finding a face product that doesn’t make you look orange or deathly sick can be an never-ending quest.

Even if you are a common shade, you might not like the texture or the finish of what’s available.

Enter the Lip Lab.

The BYO (that’s blend your own, FYI) beauty heaven has just introduced a whole new service to it’s makeup creating menu – custom-made foundation.

Sheer, full coverage, matte or dewy… it’s up to you. The whole process takes less than 45 minutes and the results are seriously impressive.

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The first step is to fill in a form about your skin type, what you currently use and what you're looking for. Your Lip Lab consultant will then work out what will suit you and your needs best.


Once the coverage enhancer (less for a BB cream, more for a fuller foundation) has been selected, you can add modifiers such as sunscreen. You should really be wearing sun protection all year round however SPF in makeup can cause flashback in photos, so choose which works for you.

The consultant then creates a base for the colour and the finish that you want, such as oil-free if you suffer from oily skin.

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The final mixing step is to add the additives such as lightening to counteract pigmentation, hydration or oil control.

The results are decanted into a pot to be put in a high speed blender to mix the colour properly before being popped in the microwave to make it easier to pour into a bottle.


I went for a full-coverage, dewy foundation with SPF and hydration for my dry skin.

The final result is perfect for my paler-than-porcelain skin - the colour blends into my neck and covers blemishes while still leaving my skin looking like real skin.

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The service costs $75 which yes, is more than you'd pay for a drugstore foundation but if you can afford it it's definitely worth it. Not only do you get to create your perfect foundation but you get to see it created right before your eyes.

If only year 10 science was as cool.

You can find The Lip Lab at various locations around the country.