Curtis Stone says his two kids will never eat junk food.

Step away from the Tim Tams, kiddies.

Celeb chef Curtis Stone has two kids, and even though they’re growing up in America –  the land of the KFC Double Down, the Luther Burger (why use bread when you can use a doughnut?) and the Wendy’s 3/4lb Cheese Burger – he says not a morsel of fast food has passed their cherubic lips.

Stone, his wife Lindsay and their two sons, Hudson and Emerson are currently back in Australia promoting Curtis’ new book, Good Food, Good Life and humble bragging about the fact that their kids don’t eat any junk.

Yep, three-year-old Hudson reportedly starts the day with a green juice whipped up by his dad.


Thirty-nine-year-old Stone says he blames parents when their kids won’t eat fruit and vegies.

“Your kid is going to embrace whatever you expose them to, right, that’s just a fact of life,” he told the Australian Associated Press.

It’s an opinion echoed by dietician Kate DiPalma, who this week spoke to Mamamia’s parenting podcast, This Glorious Mess, about the biggest mistake parents make when dealing with children’s food:

The father of two says it’s up to parents to take charge.

“People tell you, ‘No, no my kid likes this or my kid likes that.’ My opinion is: that’s just not accurate.”

“Someone said to me on a TV show in America, ‘But how do you stop your kid from eating hot dogs?’ I’m like, ‘That’s pretty easy, my kid has never eaten a hot dog because it’s full of shit,’” he said.

“Of course one day he will be invited to a party at a fast-food restaurant and I’m not going to say no, you can live a life of course, but you are in charge of his day to day.”

Fantastic that a kid can down a green juice in the morning, but what about the rest of us? What do you do if you’re child is a fussy eater? If they won’t touch greens? And how do you handle the delicate issue of kids and weight loss?

The issue of food is explored in full in this week’s podcast. Hosted by Andrew Daddo and Holly Wainwright, it’s parenting: the honest version. Like parents who give their kids hot chips for dinner. Or cereal. Listen to the episode in full here:

You can also listen in itunes here. Or get it on your smartphone and listen later.

We just have one question, Curtis. What about the recipe for popcorn dressed with bacon fat and parmesan that’s listed in your book? Surely the little Stones need to taste test!!!

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Good Food, Good Life is published by Random House and retails for $39.99.