Curly-haired women smackdown Oprah.


Oprah recently had a show called "Great American Haircut" where she did hair make-overs. Given the often controversial content covered by Oprah – like, say, her interview with Preg-Man – you wouldn’t think haircuts would offend anyone. You would be wrong.
The authors of website have released an Open Letter To Oprah where they criticise her for:

"In case after case, beautiful waves, curls and kinks were beaten into
submission with blow dryers, flatirons and extensions. In one of the
most curious cases, a beautiful woman — who was wearing a gorgeous and
undoubtedly hard-won afro — was given stick-straight extensions. Oprah, you are well loved the world
over, due in no small part to your uplifting gospel of self-acceptance.
Yet, in the eyes of curlies, these makeovers send an unmistakable – and
most disheartening – message that one’s natural hair isn’t acceptable."

My hair is naturally wavy. I straighten it sometimes. Does this mean I have low hair-esteem?


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