Curl Secret: The terrifying new hair tool everyone's talking about.

Hair goes in, curl comes out.

That’s the premise of the genius, yet slightly terrifying new hair styling tool, Curl Secret, from VS Sassoon.

If you haven’t heard about Curl Secret, it basically sucks your dead-straight hair in and spits it out wavy/curly.

I know, it sounds scary, it looks scary (take a look at the video below) but it WORKS.

When I asked the Mamamia’s Beauty & Style Facebook audience what they thought of the new gadget, the answers ranged from, “Genius! I love mine, wouldn’t trade it for anything,” to “It looks like it would eat my hair and not spit it out again,” and that’s when I knew we had to try it out for ourselves.

You can rest assured that I’m super skeptical of ‘life-changing’ beauty products and promises, thanks to the amount of new product launches I attend every week. In fact I’m so skeptical, that when a Curl Secret arrived in the office yesterday there was no way I was going try it on myself first (and also I thought my hair was too short).

Here’s how our Curl Secret trial went down…

Let me just begin by saying as someone who has a propensity for not reading instructions properly and doing away with the rules entirely, I should probably not be in charge of wielding a hot styling tool.

I somehow convinced Mamamia’s Fitness Editor, Natalia Hawk, to be my guinea pig and I’d like to formally apologise for trapping her hair in the gadget. (Sorry Nat!)

After several uncoordinated attempts at figuring out which way the tool was supposed to be held, I panicked at the first hurdle and released the clamp when I heard a beep.


You should know this is not how you use the Curl Secret, this is how you trap your colleague’s beautiful long hair into a hot styling tool. (Again, sorry Nat!)

Having said that, if you do get your hands on a Curl Secret and say, get a little overexcited and do not read the instructions properly or watch the instructional video provided it’s easy to get your hair out. It doesn’t get stuck into a hair vortex and you don’t have to cut your way out. No siree.

When someone who had more skillz read the instructions took over, the results were amazing! Yes, so amazing that I’ve used my least favourite punctuation mark to emphasize the amazing-ness.  There were audible gasps from the Mamamia team who had filed in to the boardroom to witness the magic.

‘I want one for Christmas,’ was declared over and over by the MM team, which fell on deaf ears because we were all plotting how we could take it home without anyone noticing.

It even works on hair as short as mine:

So there you have it, we’re giving it two giant thumbs up.

It comes in at $172.95, which is a little pricey but a (potentially) worthy investment if you’re a regular curler. And if your mum/sister/boyfriend/husband/significant other hasn’t bought your Christmas present yet, email them this post or tag them Facebook.

FYI: This post is not sponsored, VS Sassoon sent a Curl Secret into the office for us to try but we’re hoping they forget to come and collect it.

Have you tried Curl Secret? Some people swear by the Rusk Miracurl, let us know what hair tool you swear by.

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