'I was in the nude group': Students open up about revolting college culture.

Anonymous students from Wesley and St John’s colleges at the University of Sydney have told of the dangerous and disgusting practices they witnessed as students.

They say that those who attend the colleges, which are located on the University of Sydney grounds in Camperdown, don’t want to discuss what goes on, because they’ll be ostracised by the rest of the college community.

One woman, who moved into Wesley College in 2011, described being pinned to the floor and having wine forcibly poured into her mouth.

Her room was trashed, her belongings were thrown from her balcony, and people left cruel messages for her.

The woman, who goes by the pseudonym ‘Jo’, says O-Week was one of the most disturbing times for her. Students were segregated into groups and given ‘fresher’ names, “which were all incredibly insulting.”

Women share experiences of sexual violence on Twitter. Post continues after video. 

Jo recalled, “These names included things like ‘fresher mullet’, which [seniors] explained was given to the ugliest fresher girl that year.

Jo’s group was the “nude group,” and as part of their initiation, they were “told to strip down into just their undies.”

“I told the girl team leader that I didn’t feel comfortable taking my bra off but that I would be willing to run in my bra and undies. She then told me to basically suck it up because everyone else was doing it and it was all just a bit of fun.”

At around the same time, a man referred to as ‘Zac’ was attending St John’s college. He echoed Jo’s sentiments about the culture of O-Week.

Jo says O-Week was one of the most disturbing times for her. Image via Getty.

"O-Week was disgusting," he said.

That was where the hazing started, and it just escalated from there.

Perhaps the most notorious hazing prank was "walkabout", where older students would drive younger students to the middle of nowhere and leave them with no belongings.

When Jo attempted to seek help for what she thought was inappropriate behaviour, she was told by a counsellor that she was 'depressed', and her roommate was moved out so she wouldn't be influenced by Jo's negative attitude.

These reports come after students at Wesley College said they felt humiliated after a journal called 'Rackweb' was leaked, which identified females for having 'the best ass,' being 'the kinkiest collegian,' and for winning 'Mrs Rackweb' - the woman who slept with the most men.

Image via Pulp.

One woman who was sexually assaulted at Wesley spoke to Pulp about the sexist culture of the college.

"They made it seem like I was the slut in the situation. The whole idea of college is pretty much you’re a slut if you’re a girl no matter what you do and you’re just a king if you’re a guy.

"That’s why everything has just been tarnished from that point for me and I just view college as so awful now. I just can’t say anything good about it."

According to Jo, the colleges are caught in a cycle that won't be broken any time soon.

"The culture will never change when all the heads of the college have to have attended that college during university," she says.